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In the kay-wide circular space that appeared to be Merthe, there were none of the monolithic forest giants, but only a scattering of shorter trees, most set right against the low houses.

So few ever make it to Merthe, or to the northern reaches of the great forest.

He owed gifts to many already, from the gear shop in Merthe to the guest house there, and certainly to Dayala, and now to the smith, Still, he should be able to forge his own razor.

A few voices, only a few, for even the center of Merthe was far quieter than the edge of Rybatta, drifted to his ears, but he could not make out the words.

He and Dayala had walked from Rybatta back through Viela to Merthe, where she waited.

Justen followed, still drawing in the feel of the town, trying to explain to himself why it felt different from Rybatta and Merthe, or from any of the others in Naclos.

This kyng lay at Camylot vpon Krystmasse With mony luflych lorde, lede3 of the best, Rekenly of the Rounde Table alle tho rich brether, With rych reuel ory3t and rechles merthes.