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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merlin \Mer"lin\, n. [OE. merlion, F. ['e]merillon; cf. OHG. smirl, G. schmerl; prob. fr. L. merula blackbird. Cf. Merle.] (Zo["o]l.) A small European falcon ( Falco columbarius, syn. Falco lithofalco, or Falco [ae]salon). In North America called also pigeon hawk.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

sorcerer and soothsayer in Arthurian legends, from Old French form of Welsh Myrddhin, probably from Old Celtic *Mori-dunon, literally "of the sea-hill," from *mori "sea" (see mere (n.)) + dunom "hill" (see dune).


small, strong European falcon, early 14c., from Anglo-French merilun, a shortened form of Old French esmerillon "merlin, small hawk" (12c., Modern French émerillon), from Frankish *smiril or some other Germanic source (compare Old High German smerlo, German Schmerl "merlin"). Spanish esmerejon, Italian smeriglio also are Germanic loan-words.


Etymology 1 alt. A small falcon, ''Falco columbarius'', that breeds in northern North America, Europe and Asia. n. A small falcon, ''Falco columbarius'', that breeds in northern North America, Europe and Asia. Etymology 2

n. (context protein English) A cytoskeletal protein active in the suppression of tumors.


The Multi-Element Radio Linked Interferometer Network (MERLIN) is an interferometer array of radio telescopes spread across England. The array is run from Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire by the University of Manchester on behalf of STFC as a National Facility.

The array consists of up to seven radio telescopes and includes the Lovell Telescope, Mark II, Cambridge, Defford, Knockin, Darnhall and Pickmere (previously known as Tabley). The longest baseline is therefore 217 km and MERLIN can operate at frequencies between 151  MHz and 24  GHz. At a wavelength of 6 cm (5 GHz frequency), MERLIN has a resolution of 40 milliarcseconds which is comparable to that of the HST at optical wavelengths.

Some of the telescopes are occasionally used for EVN and VLBI observations in order to create an interferometer with even larger baselines, providing images with much greater angular resolution.

Merlin (bird)

The merlin (Falco columbarius) is a small species of falcon from the Northern Hemisphere, with numerous subspecies throughout North America and Eurasia. A bird of prey once known colloquially as a pigeon hawk in North America, the merlin breeds in the northern Holarctic; some migrate to subtropical and northern tropical regions in winter. Males typically have wingspans of , with females being slightly larger. They are swift fliers and skilled hunters who specialize in preying on small birds in the size range of sparrows to quail. The merlin has for centuries been well regarded as a falconry bird. In recent decades merlin populations in North America have been significantly increasing, with some merlins becoming so well adapted to city life that they forgo migration.

Merlin (disambiguation)

Merlin is a wizard in Arthurian legend.

Merlin may also refer to the following:

Merlin (rocket engine family)

Merlin is a family of rocket engines developed by SpaceX for use on its Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 launch vehicles. SpaceX also plans to use Merlin engines on its Falcon Heavy. Merlin engines use RP-1 and liquid oxygen as rocket propellants in a gas-generator power cycle. The Merlin engine was originally designed for sea recovery and reuse.

The injector at the heart of Merlin is of the pintle type that was first used in the Apollo program for the lunar module landing engine ( LMDE).

Propellants are fed via a single shaft, dual impeller turbopump. The turbo-pump also provides high pressure fluid for the hydraulic actuators, which then recycles into the low pressure inlet. This eliminates the need for a separate hydraulic drive system and means that thrust vectoring control failure by running out of hydraulic fluid is not possible.

Merlin (protein)

Merlin (also called Neurofibromin 2 or schwannomin) is a cytoskeletal protein. In humans, it is a tumor suppressor protein involved in Neurofibromatosis type II. Sequence data reveal its similarity to the ERM protein family.

The name "merlin" is an acronym for " Moesin- Ezrin- Radixin-Like Protein".

Merlin (musical)

Merlin was a musical based on a concept by popular illusionist Doug Henning and Barbara De Angelis, written by Richard Levinson and William Link, with music (and incidental music) written by Elmer Bernstein and lyrics by Don Black.

Merlin (Marvel Comics)

Merlin is the name of multiple fictional characters in the Marvel Universe.

Merlin (Albéniz)

Merlin is the last of the operas of Isaac Albéniz. It is in three acts and the libretto was written in English by Francis Money-Coutts, 5th Baron Latymer .

The opera was written between 1897 and 1902, the first of a projected trilogy of Arthurian operas commissioned by the librettist. After completing Merlin, Albéniz worked on the second part of the trilogy, Lancelot, in 1902–03, but broke off work and did not complete it before his death in 1909. He did not even begin the final part, Guinevere .

Merlin (miniseries)

Merlin is a television miniseries which originally aired in 1998 on NBC that retells the legend of King Arthur from the perspective of the wizard Merlin. Sam Neill stars in the title role in a story that covers not only the rise and fall of Camelot but also the phase in the legendary history of Britain that precedes it.

The film deviates from more traditional versions of the legend, notably by including new characters such as Queen Mab and by keeping Merlin through the whole reign of King Arthur over Britain (whereas in older versions Merlin left earlier on in the king's reign). The film was followed by a sequel in 2006, Merlin's Apprentice, which was more loosely connected with traditional Arthurian legend.

Merlin (game)

Merlin (sometimes known as Merlin, the Electronic Wizard) was a handheld electronic game first made by Parker Brothers in 1978. The game was invented by former NASA employee Bob Doyle, his wife Holly, and brother-in-law Wendl Thomis. Merlin is notable as one of the earliest and most popular handheld games, selling over 5 million units during its initial run, as well as one of the most long-lived, remaining popular throughout the 1980s. A version of the game was re-released in 2004 by the Milton Bradley Company.

Merlin took the form of a rectangular device about eight inches long and three inches wide. The play area of the game consisted of a matrix of 11 buttons; each button contained a red LED. The array was encased in a red plastic housing, bearing a slight resemblance to an overgrown touch-tone telephone. Four game-selection and control buttons were also placed at the bottom of the unit; a speaker took up the top section. Supporting electronics (including a simple microprocessor) were contained within the shell of the game. Parker Brothers later released Master Merlin with more games, and the rarer Split Second, where all games involve time with a more advanced display, sporting line segments around the dots. Both of these share the same general case shape, and came out a few years after Merlin.

Merlin's simple array of buttons and lights supported play of six different games, some of which could be played against the computer or against another person. Here is the list of games that could be selected:

  1. Tic Tac Toe
  2. Music Machine
  3. Echo, a game similar to Simon
  4. Blackjack 13
  5. Magic Square, a pattern game similar to Lights Out
  6. Mindbender, a game similar to Mastermind

The Music Machine game functioned as a musical instrument; in this mode each key was assigned a musical note, and sequences of notes could be recorded and played back. This made Merlin one of the earliest digital sequencers as well as an early consumer-level electronic synthesizer.

In 1978 Merlin appeared with Milton Bradley's Simon on the cover of the Christmas issue of Newsweek and the October issue of Boston.

The Toy Manufacturers of America named Merlin the best selling Toy and Game Item (SKU) in America in 1980 (2.2 million sold).

Merlin (literary magazine)

Merlin was an avant-garde English-language literary magazine published in Paris. Seven issues were released between 1952 and 1954. It published the work of Samuel Beckett, Henry Miller, Christopher Logue, Pablo Neruda, and Jean-Paul Sartre, among others. Merlin's politically loaded literature and discomforting stories contributed to the publication's reputation as one of the most serious and experimental post-war English-language magazines.

Merlin was edited by Scottish expatriate Alexander Trocchi with the collaboration of Richard Seaver (later to become editor of Evergreen Review), Christopher Logue, George Plimpton (co-founder of The Paris Review), and Patrick Bowles. The magazine brought Beckett's recent work to the attention of English-language readers. In 1953, Maurice Girodias of Olympia Press collaborated on a new series called the "Collection Merlin."

Trocchi claimed that the journal came to an end when the United States Department of State canceled its many subscriptions in protest over an article by Jean-Paul Sartre.

Merlin (comics)

Merlin, in comics, may refer to:

  • Merlin (DC Comics), the DC Comics version of the Arthurian wizard
  • Merlyn (DC Comics), a DC Comics supervillain and arch-rival of Green Arrow
  • Merlin the Magician (comics), a Quality Comics superhero character, a descendant of the Arthurian wizard
  • Merlyn (Marvel Comics), a supporting character of Marvel Comics' Captain Britain
  • Merlin (Marvel Comics), the name of several characters in Marvel Comics
  • Maha Yogi, a Marvel Comics character who impersonated the Merlin of Camelot and also went by the name of "Mad Merlin"
Merlin (bicycles)

Merlin Metalworks, Inc. was a pioneer in titanium bicycle design and construction. Merlin introduced the first titanium alloy mountain bike, oversized tubesets, s-bend chain and seat stays for mountain bikes. For road bikes, Merlin commercialized the first titanium butted tubing and many other innovations.

Merlin (metal band)

Merlin is a death metal band from Russia formed in 1992 by one of pioneering female growling vocalists and bassist Mary Abaza.

Merlin (Merlin album)

Merlin is the third studio album released by the former Yugoslavia's Merlin band. The album was released in 1987.

Merlin (Kayak album)

Merlin is the eighth studio album by Dutch band Kayak. The first half of the original LP is a concept-story about Merlin the magician. The second half of the LP is a collection of individual songs.

In 2003, Kayak released a re-worked and longer version of the Merlin-story, under the title Merlin - Bard Of The Unseen.

Merlin (2008 TV series)

Merlin is a British fantasy- adventure television programme created by Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Julian Murphy, and Johnny Capps, starring Colin Morgan in the title role. It was broadcast on BBC One from 20 September 2008 to 24 December 2012 for a total of 65 episodes. The show is loosely based on the Arthurian legends of the young wizard Merlin and his relationship with King Arthur, but it differs from traditional versions. The show was influenced by the US drama series Smallville about the early years of Superman, and was produced by independent production company Shine Limited.

The show was picked up by the BBC in 2006 after unsuccessful attempts. The series premiered in 2008 to mixed reviews but good ratings which improved as the series went on, and proved popular on the BBC's digital catch-up service iPlayer. It was shown in the United States on NBC, though it later moved to the cable network Syfy. It is a mainstay in both Netflix US and UK.

Merlin is a reimagining of the legend in which the future King Arthur and Merlin are young contemporaries. Arthur's father Uther Pendragon has banned magic in Camelot, its use punishable by death, forcing Merlin to keep his magical powers secret from everyone in Camelot other than his mentor Gaius. Arthur grows from a young, self-absorbed boy to the mighty king in the legends, and Merlin develops into his colossal role in creating the powerful Camelot. The series was immensely popular and very well received by the public. It was responsible for bringing much of the young cast to international prominence and transformed their careers. In 2012, the show's producers announced that its fifth series would be its last, with a two-part finale on 24 December 2012.

Merlin (DC Comics)

Merlin, (also Myrddin) is a fictional character, a comic book magician published by DC Comics. Myrddin debuted in New Comics #3, (February 1936), and was created by Rafael Astarita. The character is based on the mythical wizard Merlin made popular by two of Geoffrey of Monmouth's early works, the Historia Regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain) and the Vita Merlini (Life of Merlin).

Merlin (database)

Merlin is a database run by the Metropolitan Police that stores information on children who have become known to the police for any reason. This can range from being a victim of bullying to being present whilst a property is searched, this may be with a warrant or under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. It also holds data for missing persons. They can be of any age. Entries on the database can be accessed by police officers and civilian workers.

Merlin (software)

Merlin Project (originally called Merlin in versions 1.x and 2.x) is a commercial project management software application for OS X, developed by ProjectWizards GmbH in Germany. It focuses on project plan creation, tracking the status of activities, assignment of resources, and managing budgets. It includes creation and visualization of Gantt chart activity timelines, work breakdown structure (WBS), net maps ( project networks), mind maps, and resource workload in bar diagrams, histograms or time boxes.

Merlin (series 1)

Series one of Merlin, a British fantasy television series, began on 20 September 2008 and ended on 13 December 2008. Regular cast members for the first series include Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, and John Hurt as the voice of the Great Dragon. The first series contained thirteen episodes, with 7.15 million tuning into the premier and 6.27 for the series finale.

Series 1 was the only series to be comprised completely of stand-alone episodes.

Before the series finale, the BBC confirmed that the series was renewed for a further 13 episode second series. Series two premiered on 19 September 2009.

Merlin (series 2)

Series two of Merlin, is a British fantasy television series which began on 19 September 2009 and ended on 14 December 2012. Series two regular cast members include Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, and John Hurt as the voice of the Great Dragon. Series two contains thirteen episodes and had 5.77 million viewers for the premiere with 6.64 million viewers for the series finale.

Series 2 was the first series to have a two-parter and the only series to have a two-parter mid-series.

BBC renewed the show for the third series which premiered on 11 September 2010.

Merlin (Robinson)

Merlin is a dramatic narrative poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson, written in 1917.

MERLIN (Microgravity Experiment Research Locker/ Incubator)

Microgravity Experiment Research Locker/Incubator (MERLIN) was designed by University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering (CBSE) to operate as a hardmounted, single middeck locker equivalent within the ISS EXPRESS rack, the Space Shuttle, Dragon (spacecraft), and Cygnus (spacecraft) . It is used to provide a temperature controlled environment for scientific experiments between -20 °C and 48.5 °C. MERLIN is also used to Support Crew Galley Operations.

Merlin (Goldmark)

Merlin is an 1886 German-language opera by Karl Goldmark. The Metropolitan Opera gave the American premiere with Lilli Lehmann under Walter Damrosch on January 3, 1887

Merlin (series 3)

Series three of Merlin began on 11 September 2010. Series three regular cast members include Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Anthony Head, and Richard Wilson, as well as Emilia Fox joining the regular cast. John Hurt took his previous role as the voice of the Great Dragon but was no longer one of the regular cast (though he continued to provide the opening narration for the series). Series three consists of 13 episodes. The series three premiere was watched by 6.49 million viewers.

Series 3 introduced the format of a two-part opener and two-part finale, this format was retained for Series 4 and Series 5.

The series was notable for the change in character of Morgana from the sympathetic heroine in the first two series to the villain in series 3, keeping with the historical concept of Morgana as Merlin's nemesis in the legends of King Arthur.

BBC officially renewed the show for series 4 on 10 October 2010.

Merlin (series 4)

The fourth series of the British drama series Merlin began on 1 October 2011 with the episode "The Darkest Hour - Part 1". It consists of 13 episodes originally shown on Saturday evenings on BBC One and BBC One HD (repeats shown on BBC Three). The series producer was Sara Hamill, and executive producers were Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. The directors of the series include Alice Troughton, Alex Pillai, Justin Molotnikov and Jeremy Webb. Writers include Julian Jones (head writer), Howard Overman, Jake Michie, Lucy Watkins, and Richard McBrien.

Series four stars the regular cast from the previous series including Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, and Richard Wilson. Credited as a regular, Anthony Head left the series after his character was killed off in "The Wicked Day". Nathaniel Parker joined the regular cast in this series (credited as such for the first time in "Aithusa") and John Hurt returned as the voice of the Great Dragon. Supporting cast members include Adetomiwa Edun, Eoin Macken, Tom Hopper, and Rupert Young.

Notable guest actors include Santiago Cabrera, Emilia Fox, Gemma Jones, Phil Davis, James Callis, Lindsay Duncan, Gary Lewis, Charlene McKenna, Janet Montgomery, Terence Maynard, Ben Daniels, Miranda Raison and Caroline Faber.

Merlin (series 5)

The fifth and final series of the British fantasy drama series Merlin began broadcasting on 6 October 2012 with the episode "Arthur's Bane (Part 1)" and ended on 24 December 2012 in the UK, with "The Diamond of the Day (Part 2)". It consists of 13 episodes shown on Saturday evenings on BBC One and BBC One HD (repeats shown on BBC Three). Series producer is Sara Hamill and executive producers are Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. Directors include Justin Molotnikov, Ashley Way, Alice Troughton and Declan O'Dwyer. Writers include Julian Jones (head writer), Howard Overman, Jake Michie and Richard McBrien.

Series five stars the regular cast from the previous series including Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, and Richard Wilson. Anthony Head returns to the cast in a one episode guest appearance. Alexander Vlahos became part of the regular cast in this series and John Hurt returned as the voice of the Dragon. Supporting cast members include Adetomiwa Edun, Eoin Macken, Tom Hopper, and Rupert Young.

It was announced on 26 November 2012 that Merlin would end with the fifth series. The two-part finale was broadcast on the 22 and 24 December 2012.

Merlin (given name)

Merlin is a masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Merlin Bartz (born 1961), Iowa State Senator
  • Merlin Bronques, American musician and photographer
  • Merlin Guilfoyle (1908–1981), Roman Catholic bishop
  • Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley (born 1939), British peer, author and right-wing activist
  • Merlin Holland, author
  • Merlin Hull (1870–1953), lawyer, newspaper publisher and member of the United States House of Representatives
  • Merlin Malinowski (born 1958), retired Canadian National Hockey League player
  • Merlin Miller, candidate for president, 2012, Third Position Party (received 2,604 votes)
  • Merlin Minshall (1906–1987), British intelligence agent often claimed as an inspiration behind James Bond
  • Merlin Olsen (1940–2010), American football player
  • Merlin Santana (1976–2002), American actor
  • Merlin Volzke (born 1925), retired American jockey
Merlin (surname)

Merlin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Antoine Christophe Merlin (1762–1833), a.k.a. "Merlin de Thionville," French politician
  • Dino Merlin (born 1962), Bosnian musician
  • Jean-Claude Merlin (born 1954), French astronomer
  • John Joseph Merlin (1735–1803), Belgian inventor and horologist
  • Laurent Merlin (born 1984), French footballer
  • Philippe-Antoine Merlin de Douai (1754–1838) French politician and lawyer
  • Roberto Merlin, Argentine physicist
  • Serge Merlin (active from 1960s), French actor
  • Shmuel Merlin (1910–1994), Zionist activist, Irgun member and Israeli politician
  • Sidney Merlin (1856–1952), Greek botanist and sports shooter
Merlin (assembler)

Merlin was a macroassembler developed by mathematics professor Glen Bredon, initially running on the Apple II family under DOS 3.3, for the 6502 processor. The product was published commercially by Southwestern Data Systems, later known as Roger Wagner Publishing. Merlin continued to be updated as successors to the 6502 became available: first the 65C02 and later the 65816 and 65802. A ProDOS version was made available as Merlin Pro (this package also included the DOS 3.3 version). The 8-bit version of Merlin was later renamed Merlin 8, and a 16-bit version, dubbed Merlin 16, was released for the Apple IIgs.

Merlin included an integrated source code editor (initially a line editor; later versions included a full-screen editor) and also a disassembler, called Sourceror. A related utility, Sourceror.FP, could generate a commented disassembly of the Apple II's Applesoft BASIC, the source code for which had never been released by Apple, from the customer's own ROM.

Merlin was a popular assembler on the Apple II platform, and source files in Merlin format are common in Apple II archives today. Versions for the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128, dubbed Merlin 64 and Merlin 128 respectively, were also released.

Usage examples of "merlin".

Having learned plainly how affairs stood, Merlin set his own plans accordingly.

Before it stood a young man trying on a jerkin on which rings of bronze were tightly sewn, one against another, His head was dark and for a moment Merlin was nearly startled into hailing him by name.

Then the youth raised his head and looked full square at the newcomer and Merlin saw in him a much younger Ector.

The son of Ector approached stiffly to pay him the courtesy of the house, holding the reins while Merlin dismounted.

He eyed the long package Merlin carried which was the safely trussed sword, but had better manners than to ask any questions as Merlin settled on a travelling stool with it across his knees close under his hand.

Still a little confused by memories and a sense of loss, Merlin looked up at the youth in near bewilderment.

No, there would be prattling of night demons who begat him, and the same aversion Merlin had met himself in days past.

Looking at him, Merlin knew a shock nearly as deep as Ector had experienced earlier.

There was an openness about his manner, about even his features, which Merlin could not reconcile with the Old Heritage at all.

Afterward Merlin was never to remember clearly how he confronted that assembled company.

Thereafter they agreed that the test Merlin proposed would be their first effort to select a war leader.

In the morning Merlin ate and drank what was given to him, tasting nothing, chewing and swallowing without knowing what he did, so centred was his whole energy on what was to happen.

The mirror had said that in using her energy to imprison Merlin in the cave she had nearly exhausted what force she could summon.

And Merlin was left with a shadow of fear of what might come to colour his days and disturb his nights.

And they turned on Merlin when they could with a gabble of sorcery, raking up once more the old tale that he was demon-sired.