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n. 1 A black variety of grape, originally from the Bordeaux region of France 2 A dry red wine made from this grape


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Merlot (disambiguation)

Merlot may refer to:

  • Merlot, wine or wine grape
  • Merlot blanc, a separate grape variety
  • Merlot, an open-source project on which the Xerlin open source XML editor is based
  • MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching), a program of the California State University in partnership with higher education institutions, professional societies, and industry.

Usage examples of "merlot".

Helena in Napa, the warmer climate suits Bordeaux grapes such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and sauvignon blanc.

You get plenty of attention and information on their sauvignon blanc, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon.

But they also produce merlot, cabernet sauvignon, Rhone varietals, and a small amount of chardonnay.

After a hard day of wine tasting, spend the afternoon cooling off in the pool or on the shaded wraparound porch, enjoying a mellow merlot while soaking in the sweet garden smells.

They were sitting on the veranda of the grand Crownsilver estate, three of them-Maniol Crownsilver himself, Duke Kastar Pursenose, and the Lady of Pearls, Bridgette Alamber-drinking merlot and staring out over the rolling grounds of the estate.

Hatred is a soft word for what I felt toward him, but while I was sitting at that table, eating prawns and then lamb, the spinach and potatoes, drinking the Merlot, which was excellent by the way, smooth and dark, while I was sitting at that table, my emotions softened.

Bobby Lee signaled the waitress, ordering a glass of merlot for Chloe, and a Jack and Seven for himself.

Miz grabbed the bottle of merlot and drained what little was left into her own glass.

Natalie took a sip of her merlot, enjoying the warmth flowing down her throat.

He apologized, poured the man some Pine Ridge Merlot and, empty bottle in hand, excused himself from the table.

Pete, campari and soda, Merlot with ice on the side and the complimentary ginger ale for the designated driver.

She had a fondness for Merlots, in the way that a passenger has a fondness for a Mercedes.

Or a tasty Mediterranean luncheon, say, carpaccio over arugula with thin shavings of Parmesan and a glass of Merlot, with Yuki and her snake-charming mom?

The Bear ate a light mealfor himof veal in cream sauce with mushrooms, rösti, a side salad, just a little French bread with un-salted butter, and Camembert, all washed down with a modest liter of Viti, a Merlot of a most agreeable quality from Ticino.

FIVE La Casa Grande Estancia San Pedro y San Pablo Near Pila, Buenos Aires Province 1905 18 May 1943 With a glass of Merlot in his hand, Don Cletus Frade stood at the window of the cloakroom looking through the slats of the blind at the drive where the cars of his guests would arrive for the reception.