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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merman \Mer"man\, n.; pl. Mermen. The male corresponding to mermaid; a sea man, or man fish.


n. (plural of merman English)


Mermen may refer to:

  • The Mermen, a music group
  • Merman, male equivalent of a mermaid
  • " 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)", a Jimi Hendrix song

Usage examples of "mermen".

He went alone or, if he formed an attachment with one of the mermen near his own age, accompanied only by his knife brother.

And the mermen, with their traditions of slavery and dark beginnings in the experimental pens of the older race, continued to insist that across the sea-on the unknown western continent-Those Others still held onto the remnants of a degenerate civilization.

Even Those”-the distorted mermen symbol for Those Others was sharpened by the very hatred of all Sssuri’s kind, which had not paled during the generations since their escape from slavery to Astra’s one-time masters” could not venture into some of their own private places without special leave.

And since none of Dalgard’s people bad penetrated this far to the north, nor had the mermen invaded this taboo territory until Sssuri had agreed to come, that left only the aliens.

Those strange people whom the colonists feared without knowing why they feared them, whom the mermen hated with a hatred which had not lessened with the years of freedom.

And since the monsters did not venture into the sea, contact between them and the mermen had been limited to casual encounters at rare intervals.

The mermen had made great strides forward in biological and mental sciences, but mechanics was a closed section of learning because of their enforced habitat under the sea, and of machines they knew less than the colonists.

But unlike the mermen, he was not sea-born, nor equipped by nature with “ a secondary breathing apparatus to make him as free in the world of water as he was on land.

If these mermen had not seen a colonist before, he might resemble Those Others in their eyes.

For the mermen, and their own records, have taught us that it is their nature to rule, that they can live in peace only when all living things on this world are their slaves.

If an end is not put to it before they can use it, then”-he shrugged-“the mermen must retreat into the depths.

The mermen have kept a watch on them, content to let matters rest, sure that time would defeat them.

The smaller mermen had no difficulty in getting through, but twice Raf’s equipment belt caught on projections and he had to fight his way free.

He climbed up the hand-and footholds the sea-monster lamp disclosed, wishing the mermen ahead would speed up.

Then, he must still be with the mermen, with the young stranger who claimed to be one of a lost Terran colony.