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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mercat \Mer"cat\, n. [L. mercatus : cf. It. mercato. See Market.] Market; trade. [Obs.]
--Bp. Sprat.


Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete English) market; trade. Etymology 2

n. (context obsolete English) A type of monkey.

Usage examples of "mercat".

Hallowein last bypast, at twelff houris at even or thairby, thow, the said Thomas Leyis, accompaneit with umquhil Janett Wischert, Isobel Coker, Isobel Monteithe, Kathren Mitchell, relict of umquhil Charles Dun, litster, sorceraris and witches, with ane gryt number of ither witches, cam to the mercat and fish cross of Aberdene, under the conduct and gyding of the dewill, present with you all in company, playing before you on his kynd of instruments.