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n. Obsolete spelling of mercy.

Usage examples of "mercie".

Granite House, for the weight of it was very considerable, and while waiting for a suitable vehicle in which to convey it, it was of importance that this treasure should not be left longer exposed to the mercies of the first storm.

Ryan and Nara took seats, the mercies started passing around foil packets.

He decided to keep asking questions until the mercie stopped answering them.

The mercie had a history of desperate escapes that bordered on the suicidal.

The mercie slid the double-edged point in under the third breastplate from the top.

The mercie bent, and the two of them struggled to shift the plate out of the steel flange inset into the surface of the street.

The mercie was drenched with sweat when Ryan lugged him into the vent opening, but he was smiling.

Thanking the Lady for small mercies, and glad to see that she still had all her fingers, she made her own way to the door.

Princess Blessing except spare her the brutal mercies of the beast who stalks in the grass.

I am somewhat too fond of these great mercies, but also because I should have often brought to my mind the many hardships, miseries, and wants that my poor family was like to meet with, should I be taken from them, especially my poor blind child, who lay nearer my heart than all besides: Oh!

They bowed before him, they kissed the dust of his feet, they thanked, they blessed, and praised his Highness for not taking advantage against them for their sins, but rather had pity upon them in their misery, and returned to them with mercies, and to build up their Mansoul for ever.

I am returned to Mansoul with mercies, and my name shall be set up, exalted, and magnified by it.

One of the mercies sitting ahead of Ryan let out a shrill scream, and kept on screaming.

The torsos and legs of two mercies sat rigidly on what was left of the rear seat.

Perhaps because their infections were more advanced, the other mercies were struggling to keep up.