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Etymology 1 n. A merman or mermaid in Scottish and Irish Gaelic folklore. Etymology 2

vb. (context sewing English) To overlock.

Merrow (disambiguation)

Merrow may refer to

  • Merrow, a creature in Irish mythology
  • Merrow, Surrey
  • Merrow Sewing Machine Company, an American Manufacturer

Usage examples of "merrow".

The lead merrow back paddled fast to keep from impaling itself on the weapon.

Xzorsh had no idea who commanded these merrow, but one of them carried the weapon of a triton-a creature from the elemental plane of water.

The elf pushed back hard with the butt of the trident and caught the merrow in the gut.

The merrow spun to face the sea elf, its hideous face contorted with astonishment.

The ranger watched the merrow go, relishing thoughts of the report that the creature would give to its unknown commander.

He was also concerned by the sudden appearance of the merrow, for he suspected those four might be part of a larger band.

The merrow were as large as their land cousins-all were well over nine feet tall-and they moved with a speed and agility that no ogre could match.

Xzorsh, his hand resting easily on the hilt of his new knife, went forward to face the merrow chieftain.

She barely had time to whip the harpoon up in a defensive position before all six merrow darted toward her.

The butt of her weapon hit the mast hard, and the onrushing merrow supplied the force needed to push the barbed weapon through its scaly hide.

Liriel let go of the harpoon and rolled aside as the impaled merrow came crashing to the deck.

The third merrow produced a small silver ring and jammed it onto the middle finger of her hand.

Immediately the merrow let out a gurgling yelp and dropped its hold on Liriel.

If the merrow had the time and wit to consider the matter, it might have realized the folly of this strategy.

She left the merrow to its fate and swam toward the two fighters that grappled in unequal combat.