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Word usage examples

She was the only woman the tribune had heard Gaius Philippus praise, but when the legionaires had wintered at Aptos the veteran did nothing at all to let her know his admiration.

As they marched through Aptos itself, a shouting horde of small boys surrounded them, danc ing with excitement and firing questions like arrows: Was it true the Yezda were nine feet tall?

Where the Romans would have had to storm Amorion, Aptos welcomed them.

When the Romans and their comrades struggled back into Aptos, she received them like a ruling princess, to the edification of the few townsmen who braved the rain to watch.

Wintering at Aptos, Marcus thought, was like crawling into a hole and then pulling it in after himself.

But the Romans brought word of Ortaias Sphrantzes' assump tion of the throne, and Aptos had been equally ignorant of the persecution of the Vaspurakaners not five days' march away.

Near midwinter day, an armed party of merchants made its way northwest from Amorion to aptos, braving weather and the risk of attack in hope of reaping higher profits in a town where their kind seldom came.

Like towns all through the Empire, Aptos celebrated the days after the winter solstice, when the sun at last turned north again.

Yet as Gavras' parasol bearers rode past the assembled in habitants of Aptos, they bowed low to give honor to the Em peror.

Maybe one of these days I'll get back to Aptos again and do the talking I should have done this time.