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n. (plural of aper English)

Usage examples of "apers".

The Commander shuffled the papers and glanced down again at the top one, though he did not have to read the information on it, knowing it all by heart.

There was only one space port and all animals loaded there had to be legally accounted for with sales and export papers.

What did these men of another race here in camp – or those in the town – or those at the Centre who had watched him so narrowly for months – that Commander who had so reluctantly stamped his freedom papers – what did any of them know of the voices of the Old Ones and how they could come to a man?

If Bister were one of these fabulous apers – an Xik reconstructed by surgery and every available form of psycho-training to pass as a Confed man – that would explain a lot.

IV Sitting at one end of a long table in the corner of Ryalor House, in gray light of a stormy spring morning, Lorn reads through the stack of papers that Eileyt has set before him.

The senior enumerator has assured Lorn that the papers have several examples of shady trading practices.

The senior squad leader shakes his head as he steps into Lorn's study and sees the various stacks of papers.

Finally, he opens the green pouch and takes out the triple bars, laying them on the training schedule papers.

Several stacks of papers are set on the left side, although Dettaur does not seem to have been reading them.

He has barely set his orders and papers on the table desk when the senior squad leader returns.

Lorn looks back at the four chests, then lifts the top one and opens it, running through the papers.

He reads slowly through the papers in the second footchest carried by the wagon back from Jera.

The wind off the hill is light, but Lorn has to use stones to keep the papers in their piles.

By then, he must know what the traders' papers show, and what he will do with what they show.

In the bag are the chaos-glass that had once been his father's, and the silver-covered book, and the originals of the most incriminating of the trading papers taken from Jera.