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Aprus or Apri, or in GreekApros or Aproi was a Roman city established in the Roman province of Europa. It was probably situated where the modern Turkish village of Kermeyan now stands.

Apros (Software)

Apros is a commercial dynamic simulation software for modelling and simulation of various types of power plant processes, energy systems and networks including automation (or I&C) functionality and electrical systems. Apros has been jointly developed by Fortum and VTT since 1986.

It is used in several countries by universities and companies to research and predict the behavior of industrial processes when actual process testing is not possible, for example simulating nuclear power plant failure situations. Industrial companies also use dynamic simulators to train operators and to design new processes or process updates. It has been used in analysis calculations of the EPR plant under construction in Olkiluoto and in designing new digital automation systems for the Loviisa VVER plants.