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n. an informal British abbreviation of approval; "he accepted it on appro"


Appro was a developer of supercomputing supporting High Performance Computing (HPC) markets focused on medium to large-scale deployments. Appro was based in Milpitas, CA with a computing center in Houston, Texas, and a manufacturing and support subsidiary in Korea and Japan.

Cray Inc. purchased Appro in November 2012.

Usage examples of "appro".

As dawn approached, Fotius began-as usual-to wonder if he'd been reckless with his wager.

In that moment, he felt like a child again himself, seeing a remem­bered stone wall come into view as the path curved and approached it.

Massina Baladia's armed and mounted escort, also clad in that delicately pale blue-which looked significantly less appro­priate on them-rode at the front and back of the column.

Sleep was meaningless to Zoticus's creation, and as long as he hadn't silenced Linon he could be alerted to anything untoward approaching while he slept.

He heard footsteps approaching, the loud voices nearing as men from the common room and the servants from the other side streamed out the front door and rushed over.

Someone approached them from beyond the torches: a hefty, reassuring figure, with Crispin's cloak in his hands.

And he disapproved now, deeply, of the old ways he'd left behind: the oak god, the corn maiden, the seemingly endless thirst for blood and human hearts eaten raw.

They heard the noises clearly now, voices approaching from the west, men talking too loudly, to encourage themselves.

As they approached the walls and merged with the streaming traffic heading into and out of Varena before sunset closed the gates, the solitary passenger was recognized by a num­ber of people.

Crispin struggled to a sitting position and saw a cleric approaching in the white robes of the order of the Sleepless Ones.

Paperwork arranging the transfer of the appro­priate sums to the military paymaster in the City was also processed.

Carullus was silent amid the noise as they approached the looming gates of the Hippodrome.

He did know, because he'd been quietly approached more than once, that there was more to this riot than the blind rage of the common people.

You will be appropriately rewarded for what you have done to this point.

There's a difference between the accolades of the masses and the approval of those who really know.