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aplay is a command-line audio file player for the ALSA sound card driver. It supports several file formats and multiple sound cards with multiple devices. For supported soundfile formats, the sampling rate, bit depth, and so forth can be automatically determined from the soundfile header.

Usage examples of "aplay".

All were titled and balalaikas were played at the drop of a blini and Mary Pickford invariably wept as she listened to yet another lament for the far-off river Don, and serfs aplay.

I wasseventeen when a gift of twenty-four made aplay for me and I was in way over my head.

People often chose the initials of, or aplay on, their given names when choosing an alias.

  The whole point of aplay is for the actor to use his skill to persuade the audience, despite the fact that the audience knows it's at the play, and to have them sitting on the edge of their chairs, weeping or in terror because they think it is real.