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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Appel \Ap`pel"\, n. [F., prop., a call. See Appeal, n.] (Fencing) A tap or stamp of the foot as a warning of intent to attack; -- called also attack.


n. (context fencing English) An act of strike the ground with the leading foot to frighten, distract, or mislead one's opponent. vb. (obsolete spelling of appeal English)


The term APPEL can refer to:

  • Association L'APPEL a non-profit humanitarian organization supporting needy children in different countries of the world
  • Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL) a NASA training program for project management
Appel (surname)

Appel is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

In the arts:

  • Allen Appel (born 1945), American novelist
  • Benjamin Appel (1907–1977), American novelist
  • Eric Appel (born 1980), American television/film writer, director, and producer
  • Fredrik Appel (1884–1962), Danish architect
  • Jacob Appel (1680–1751), Dutch painter
  • John Appel (born 1958), Dutch documentary filmmaker
  • Karel Appel (1921–2006), Dutch painter
  • Kevin Appel (born 1967), American painter and university professor
  • Marianne Appel (1913–1988), American artist and puppet designer
  • Mike Appel (born 1942), American record producer/manager
  • Libby Appel (born 1937), American artistic director
  • Richard Appel (born 1963), American television writer and producer
  • Sam Appel (1871–1947), American actor
  • Scott Appel (1954–2003), American musician and musicologist
  • Stanley Appel (born 1933), British television producer and director

In business:

  • David Appel (born 1950), Israeli businessman
  • Frank Appel (born 1961), German CEO of Deutsche Post
  • Marty Appel (born 1948), American public relations and sports management executive
  • Peter A. Appel (born 1962), American entrepreneur and business executive

In mathematics:

  • Kenneth Appel (1932–2013), American mathematician
  • Paul Émile Appell (also known as Paul Émile Appel) (1855–1930), French mathematician

In politics:

  • Brent R. Appel (born 1950), American Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court
  • Conrad Appel (born 1951), American businessman and politician
  • Ernesto Ruffo Appel (born 1952), Mexican politician
  • Gotfred Appel (1924–1992), Danish communist ideologist, known for his affiliation with the Blekinge Street Gang
  • Jan Appel (1890–1985), German revolutionary
  • Johann von Appel (1826–1906), Austrian governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • John Appel (1859–1929), Australian politician
  • Peter H. Appel (born 1964), American management consultant and government official
  • Staci Appel (born 1966), American politician

In science:

  • Alfred Appel (1934–2009), American scholarly expert on Vladimir Nabokov and author
  • Andrew Appel (born 1960), American computer scientist and author
  • Arthur Appel, American computer scientist and author, presented the first algorithm for ray casting as a form of image rendering
  • Gerald B. Appel (born 1947), American nephrologist
  • Jacob M. Appel (born 1973), American bioethicist
  • Lawrence Appel, American nutrition researcher
  • Otto Appel (1867–1952), German botanist and agriculturalist
  • Rolf Appel (1921–2012), German inorganic chemist
  • Ron Appel (born 1959), Swiss bioinformatician

In sport:

  • Bram Appel (1921–1997), Dutch footballer
  • Carmela Appel (born 1996), Dutch cricketer
  • Chris Appel, American basketball player
  • Colette Appel (born 1986), American pair skater
  • David Appel (born 1981), Czech ice hockey player
  • Elly Appel-Vessies (born 1952), Dutch tennis player
  • Gaby Appel (born 1958), German field hockey player
  • Hans Appel (1911–1973), German footballer
  • Jayde Appel (born 1994), Australian water polo player
  • Jayne Appel (born 1988), American professional basketball player
  • Jekaterina Appel (born 1981), Estonian artistic gymnast
  • Jesper Appel (born 1993), Swedish professional ice hockey player
  • Mark Appel (born 1991), American professional baseball player


  • Anne Milano Appel, American translator
  • Bluma Appel (1919–2007), Canadian philantropist
  • Izaak Appel (1905–1941), Polish chess master
  • Reinhard Appel (1927–2011), German journalist and television presenter

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Usage examples of "appel".

There was a roar of sound, and Vanderberg, Appel and what seemed to be an army of armed civilians were trying to jam themselves into the tunnel.

The Gold & Appel truck was there and beside it the four statues, freed of their crates.

The return address, he noted, was Gold & Appel Transfers on Canal Street, one of the corporations owned by that intriguing Celine fellow who had kept appearing at the best parties for the last year or so.

Putting it aside for a moment, he buzzed his secretary and asked to be connected with Gold and Appel Transfers.

It was open, as she had promised, and I wondered about the name on it, Gold & Appel Transfers .

If you need quick transportation to Panama," he added, heading for the door, "call Gold and Appel Transfers and leave a message.

Eugene Appel and Terry Mixter, were called to examine the new patient.

Meanwhile, Appel and Mixter turned their attention to the injured arm.

Carefully, Appel picked up the hand, which flopped loosely at the wrist.