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Saint Aprus (or Aper, ; died 507) was a bishop of Toul from 500 to 507. The brother of Saint Apronia (Evronie), he was born near Trier. He may have studied as a lawyer. After entering the priesthood, Aprus was appointed bishop of Toul.

Aprus' relics were rediscovered in 978. According to the Vita Sancti Gerardi, Bishop St. Gerard I of Toul (r. 963–994) had the relics of both St. Mansuy and Aprus brought into Toul and placed in the church of St. John the Baptist while he was ill.

His feast day is 15 September.

Aprus (disambiguation)

Aprus (or Aper, French: Apre, Epvre, Evre or Avre) is a Latin masculine given name that may refer to:

  • Aprus of Reims, a 4th-century archbishop of Reims
  • Aprus of Toul, a 6th-century bishop of Toul
  • Aper of Tarbes, a 6th-century bishop of Tarbes
  • Aprus of Sens, a 7th-century saint
  • Aprus, a deity or hero posited by Jacob Grimm as the namesake for the month of April