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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
continue unabated/apace/unchecked (=continue at the same high speed or level)
▪ The flood of refugees continued unabated.
▪ The telecommunications revolution continues apace and undoubtedly even more effectively with-out the megamerger.
▪ Meanwhile the domestic harvest continues apace, with 72 % of the crop gathered.
▪ He nodded and continued apace, lecturing me about how I should drink no alcohol and eat no fat.
▪ In theory, logging was suspended by law in January 1990, but it is reported to be continuing apace.
▪ Meanwhile, the concentration of ownership has continued apace.
▪ Downsizing continues apace with radical change thanks to galloping new technology, while the current merger epidemic leads to unpredictable job loss.
▪ Innovation and expansion have continued apace as manufacturers have no misgivings about the long-term future for clay roofing tiles.
▪ Be that as it may, the North East had organized capital, organized labour and until 1920 was growing apace.
▪ Everything is growing apace, especially the weeds; there are plants to be watered and crops to be gathered.
▪ But as urbanization proceeded apace, bricks remained in demand for house-building.
▪ The work of roof men and tree men proceeded apace.
▪ My wooing of Agnes was proceeding apace.
▪ Meanwhile the flouting of the sanctions regime proceeds apace.
▪ In any case, work in Hamburg is proceeding apace.
▪ As a result, corporate cash flows have been expanding apace, and profit margins have improved.
▪ Be that as it may, the North East had organized capital, organized labour and until 1920 was growing apace.
▪ Electrification continued apace during the decade with the major investment on the East Coast main line and in East Anglia.
▪ He nodded and continued apace, lecturing me about how I should drink no alcohol and eat no fat.
▪ The work of roof men and tree men proceeded apace.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apace \A*pace"\, adv. [Pref. a- + pace. OE. a pas at a walk, in which a is the article. See Pace.] With a quick pace; quick; fast; speedily.

His dewy locks did drop with brine apace.

A visible triumph of the gospel draw? on apace.
--I. Taylor.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., from a pace, literally "at a pace," but usually with a sense of "at a good pace," from a- (1) "on" + pace (n.).


adv. quickly, rapidly, with speed.


adv. with rapid movements; "he works quickly" [syn: quickly, rapidly, speedily, chop-chop] [ant: slowly]


Apače (; German: Abstall) is a town in Slovenia and it is located on the border between Slovenia and Austria. It is the seat of the Municipality of Apače, which is the northernmost municipality in the traditional region of Styria. It now belongs to the Mura Statistical Region. It is located 25 kilometers northeast of Maribor and 20 kilometers west of Murska Sobota.

The parish church in the settlement is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and belongs to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Maribor. It dates to the 15th and 16th centuries. The Freudenau Mansion is located near the town. It is an originally 17th-century Baroque mansion and it was renovated in a Neoclassical style in the 19th century.

Apače (disambiguation)

Apače may refer to places in Slovenia:

  • Apače, town and seat of
    • Municipality of Apače
  • Apače, Kidričevo

Usage examples of "apace".

Finding himself grievously wounded, and the blood flowing apace, he, with such presence of mind as cannot be sufficiently admired, instead of proceeding to the palace, which was at some distance, ordered the coachman to return to Junqueria, where his principal surgeon resided, and there his wounds were immediately dressed.

I focussed my image--roundabout which, as it persisted, I repeat, the interesting possibilities and the attaching wonderments, not to say the insoluble mysteries, thickened apace.

Recording Angel, trace This bold campaign his thought has spun apace-- One that bids fair for immortality Among the earthlings--if immortal deeds May be ascribed to so extemporary And transient a race!

And it was this slight, irrefutable resemblance to Gerent, the stalking quality in the way he turned toward her, that sent her back apace.

During the mop-up of the island, now proceeding apace, dogs and handlers would be used differently.

Although it was hidden by the lowering blanket of cloud the sun must have been close to the horizon and the darkness was coming on apace as Jim led Drumfire, the girl staggering beside him, off the treacherous white plain.

Full eager were they of Goblinland and flown with the intoxication of impending battle, and they of the vanguard fared apace, outstripping the Demons, so that Juss was fain to hasten after them lest they should lose touch and fall to confusion.

After this, our digging proceeded apace, and we soon had a satisfactory position entrenched from Mansura to the sea.

Wherefore he labored long, hard, and rapidly, and his store of high-test meteors grew apace.

Exploration of gold showings in the Barren Lands, northeast of Yellowknife, and lead-zinc and iron-ore deposits on Baffin Island, as well as many other geologically favoured regions continued apace throughout the Diefenbaker Years.

But come apace, the day breaketh and the city is astir--hark to yon shouts!

Her reflexions indeed at this moment thickened apace, and one of them made her sure that her governess had conversations, private, earnest and not infrequent, with her denounced stepfather.

First Rosenhaus checked in with the lab, where Technician Shickele assured him that the synthesizing of kerylene was proceeding apace.

Mursil, with his purple boozy face, the lean and saturnine Zadal, Huya the celebrated bowman, and the diminutive yellow Xhai whose fame as a tracker had grown apace in the last few years.

But thou good man, sith farre in sea we bee,And the great waters gin apace to swell,That now no more we can the maine-land see,Haue care, I pray, to guide the cock-bote well,Least worse on sea then vs on land befell.