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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apar \A"par\, Apara \A"pa*ra\, n. [Native name apara.] (Zo["o]l.) See Mataco. [1913 Webster] ||

Usage examples of "apara".

And yet Apara froze, motionless, not daring to breathe, until the two men -- smelling of cigarettes and after-shave lotion -- passed her and were well down the corridor.

So close that, except for the slight unavoidable glitter when the sequin-like pixels caught some stray light, Apara literally disappeared into the background.

Tingling with apprehension, Apara hurried across the park that fronted the mansion, unseen by the evening strollers and beggars, then climbed onto the trunk of one of the endless stream of limousines that entered the grounds.

While a pair of bemedaled generals got out of the limousine and walked crisply past the saluting uniformed guards, Apara melted back into the shadows, away from the lights of the entrance, and took stock of the situation.

Even the name they had given her, Apara, meant literally "born to die.

When the next limousine disgorged its passengers, a trio of admirals, Apara sucked in a deep breath and walked in with them, past the guards and the dogs.

At its end, Apara could see, was a security checkpoint with a metal detector like the kind used at airports, staffed by two women in uniform.

They walked down the corridor as far as the checkpoint, chatted briefly with the female guards, then came back, passing Apara again, still talking about the possibility of war.

Steeling herself, Apara followed them up to the checkpoint and waited as they stopped at the detector and handed their wristwatches, coins, and belts to the women on duty, then stepped through the detector, single-file.

As the last of the civilians started through, holding his briefcase in front of his chest, as instructed, Apara dropped flat on her stomach and slithered across the archway like a snake speeding after its prey.

There were more stars around the table than in a desert sky, Apara thought.

The president looked older in person than she did on television, Apara thought.

For an instant those eyes looked directly at Apara, and her heart stopped.

Like a ghost, Apara followed the president through the door into a little sitting room, where two more uniformed security guards snapped to attention.

Unseen, unsensed, Apara tiptoed through the broad upstairs hallway with its golden carpet and spacious windows at either end.