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Usage examples of "apale".

The sun, never more than apale hint behind the lowering clouds, was their onlyguide.

The desk, along with mostof the other furniture in the room, was made of apale wood inlaid with darker bands along the edges.

The road ran along the crest of it andAlec could see water on either side: the Osiatsteely dark, the shallow Inner Sea apaler blue.

Magit made a show of squinting up at the sky, which was apale and unwholesome yellow, a peculiar shade, such as none ofthe Knights had ever before seen.

Neetie wore awhite-and-yellow-flowered dress that made her dark skin look evendarker, and Nina, whose hours in the sun had brought out everyfreckle on her face, wore a dress Cee Cee bought her, which was apale yellow pinafore.

  There was acarved effigy of her on the lid, and she was beautiful, Guy thought, apale lily of a girl.