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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apert \A*pert"\, a. [OF. apert, L. apertus, p. p. of aperire. See Aperient, and cf. Pert, a.] Open; evident; undisguised. [Archaic]


Apert \A*pert"\, adv. Openly. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, from Old French apert and directly from Latin apertus "open," past participle of aperire "to open, uncover" (see overt).


a. (context archaic English) open; uncovered; revealed


Usage examples of "apert".

Eke every wight knows this as well as I, If gentleness were planted naturally Unto a certain lineage down the line, Prive and apert, then would they never fine* *cease To do of gentleness the fair office Then might they do no villainy nor vice.

And in this wise he served his intent, That, save the fiend, none wiste what he meant: Till he so long had weeped and complain'd, And many a year his service to me feign'd, Till that mine heart, too piteous and too nice,* *foolish, simple All innocent of his crowned malice, *Forfeared of his death,* as thoughte me, *greatly afraid lest Upon his oathes and his surety he should die* Granted him love, on this conditioun, That evermore mine honour and renown Were saved, bothe *privy and apert.

And, so as thine own booke telleth, Her palace stands, as I shall say, Right ev'n in middes of the way Betweene heav'n, and earth, and sea, That whatsoe'er in all these three Is spoken, *privy or apert,* *secretly or openly* The air thereto is so overt,* *clear And stands eke in so just* a place, *suitable That ev'ry sound must to it pace, Or whatso comes from any tongue, Be it rowned,* read, or sung, *whispered Or spoken in surety or dread,* *doubt Certain *it must thither need.

And shortly of this proces for to trete, So doghty was hir housbonde and eek she, That they conquered manye regnes grete In the orient, with many a faire citee, Apertenaunt unto the magestee Of Rome, and with strong hond held hem ful faste, Ne nevere myghte hir foomen doon hem flee, Ay whil that Odenakes dayes laste.

Looke who that is moost vertuous alway, Pryvee and apert, and moost entendeth ay To do the gentil dedes that he kan, Taak hym for the grettest gentil-man.

Eek every wight woot this as wel as I, If gentillesse were planted natureelly Unto a certeyn lynage doun the lyne, Pryvee nor apert, thanne wolde they nevere fyne To doon of gentillesse the faire office, They myghte do no vileynye or vice.

Ful bisy was Grisilde in every thyng That to the feeste was apertinent.

Til he so longe hadde wopen and compleyned, And many a yeer his service to me feyned, Til that myn herte, to pitous and to nyce, Al innocent of his corouned malice, For-fered of his deeth, as thoughte me, Upon hise othes and his seuretee, Graunted hym love up this condicioun That everemoore myn honour and renoun Were saved, bothe privee and apert.

Ande al graythed in grene this gome and his wedes: A strayte cote ful stre3t, that stek on his sides, A mere mantile abof, mensked withinne With pelure pured apert, the pane ful clene With blythe blaunner ful bry3t, and his hod bothe, That wat3 la3t fro his lokkez and layde on his schulderes.

Thou art confessed so clene, beknowen of thy mysses, And hat3 the penaunce apert of the poynt of myn egge, I halde the polysed of that ply3t, and pured as clene As thou hade3 neuer forfeted sythen thou watz fyrst borne.

Via that channel she saw the thrusters burn violet-hot, jetting from pinprick-apertures around the midsection of the spider-room, where the torpedo-shaped body was attached to the turret from which sprouted the now purchaseless legs.

Her nostrils and ears were rilled apertures, and her mouth was a largely expressionless slot.

Things were spilling out: an expanding mass of ellipsoidal objects, each perhaps half a metre long, metallic-white in colour, with various protrusions, gun-nozzles, manipulators and apertures interrupting its surface.

The other suit had a full complement of limbs, and many of its weapons were still deployed, jutting from various apertures.

Their articulation points and sensor apertures were lathered in protective sterile grease, to guard against rot.