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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fem. proper name, apparently from a misunderstanding of Hebrew bebheth 'Aphrah "in the house of Aphrah" (Mi. i:10), in which Aphrah probably is the name of a town, not a person. [Klein]


Aphra is a genus of moth in the family Arctiidae.

Usage examples of "aphra".

Linnix in the musty but splendid bridal robes of his House, becoming the Aphra Bye.

Aphra Behn hadn’t been informed until yesterday, but she wanted very much to accompany them on their expedition.

Indeed, of the eight, only Nur and perhaps Aphra Behn and Alice were at this moment promising candidates for Going On.

After a while, Aphra Behn and Frigate joined them, and Nur drifted off, ending up with Gull.

Aphra Behn, a lady who wrote shilling shockers (as certain light romances were then called).