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Aporé is a municipality in southwest Goiás state, Brazil. The municipality is a large producer of cattle. Aporé belongs to the Southwest Goiás Microregion.

Usage examples of "apore".

But there had been a similar thrash the night before, and another was planned for the day after, all three being designed as a wet run for a grand party on Saturday night which, it was foreseen, would be traumatic enough to require a succession of tailing-off parties, continuing long after I had flown to Singapore to catch the troopship.

Lipstick stood on the shelf, perfume in a knobbly bottle, and an extravagant manicure set which I had bought Margey whilst on leave in Singapore.

She read the local and Singapore newspapers when she could get hold of them.

After many months of travel, often on foot, they caught a refugee boat sailing down the coast for Singapore.

They arrived in Singapore only a few hours before the British ignominiously surrendered and the Nips took over.

Gazing up at the mottled ceiling, Margey said in a level voice, 'Nex' Monday morning, you go Singapore leave Medan for ever, and catch the big steamer for London.

We go Singapore, just you and I, then I learn speak much more good English and love you every way, like a slave, okay?

As far as the British were concerned, the whole disaster of Singapore stood out as a prime example of their failure to understand or care about any race East of India.

Well, I write this a long time later, and Singapore, that elegant rat-race, has now gone its own way, free of British control.

But all I said to Margey at the time, as she clutched my prick and the moth singed itself on her lamp, was, 'Fuck Singapore!

For safety sake, since Medan is so dangerous, we go Singapore short time, okay, you and I?

Not London, not Singapore, not Tsingtao, not any place on this round globe.

Since you have been beaten so easily by the Nipponese in Malaya and you surrendered so weakly in Singapore and elsewhere, we think it is time you finished your adventures in the East.

The fact that such equipment as was permitted came via Singapore added to our problems.

The message went to Bukitinghi, to Medan, to Singapore, to Calcutta, to Delhi, and so back to 26 Div supply base, many hundreds of miles away in Amritsar.