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Word usage examples

Although Glyn was nowhere to be seen, a number of lords were sitting there, idly drinking ale while they listened to a bard play.

Blond and blue-eyed, he looked much like Glyn, but he was slender where the King was heavyset.

Mindful of the enormous honor being paid her, she followed him up to the second floor of the main broch, where Glyn had a suite of apartments furnished with carved chairs and tables, hung with tapestries, and carpeted with fine Bardek weavings.

At the head of the table, Glyn sat in a high-backed chair draped with the ceremonial plaid of the kingship.

As Glyn strode out of the room, Dannyn lingered just long enough to retrieve his dagger from the table.

Some years before, Glyn had found him a wife from a noble clan that was willing to ignore his bastardy in return for royal favor.

His heart was troubled, wondering if Glyn were meant to rule as the only king in Deverry, hoping that such was his Wyrd, yet knowing that the future was closed to him.

In a high-backed chair waited King Glyn, dressed in ceremonial clothes: a pure white tunic, richly worked, a golden sword at his side, and the royal plaid, fastened at the shoulder with the enormous ring-brooch that marked him king.

When Gweniver knelt, Mael remained standing and looked steadily at Glyn, who was, after all, no more than his equal in rank.

The court was abuzz with gossip, wondering how much the foreign king was offering for his son, and if Glyn would take it.