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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

slang shortening of glamorous, first attested 1936. Glam rock attested by 1974. Glamazon "glamourous, dominant woman" attested by 1985 (see amazon).

  1. glamorous n. glamour v

  2. To make glamorous or more glamorous


Glam is a shortened form of the word glamour. Glam or GLAM may also refer to:

  • GLAM (industry sector), an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums, the cultural heritage institutions
  • Glam Media, a life-style related Web company
  • Groupe de Liaisons Aériennes Ministérielles, a unit of the French Air Force, between 1945 and 1995
Glam (album)

Glam is a studio album by German electronica group Mouse on Mars. It was released in 1998. It was recorded in 1996 for the purpose of being a soundtrack for a film of the same name, but both the film and the soundtrack were rejected by the studio.

It was originally released by Sonig on vinyl, though a CD was released in Japan by Tokuma Japan Communications. The Japanese release also included additional tracks, "Snap Bar", "Pool, Smooth and Hidder", and "Hetzchase Nailway". The album was later reissued on CD in the US by Thrill Jockey in 2003 (with the extra tracks included).

GLAM (industry sector)

GLAM is an acronym for " galleries, libraries, archives, and museums", although other versions of the acronym exist, such as LAM, which incorporates only libraries, archives, and museums. More generally, GLAMs are publicly funded, publicly accountable institutions collecting cultural heritage materials.

The term GLAM emerged as these institutions began to realise their roles and goals were converging, creating the need for a wider industry sector grouping. This became especially apparent as they placed their collections online—artworks, books, documents, and artifacts all effectively become equal 'information resources' when they are online.

Proponents of greater collaboration argue that the present convergence is actually a return to traditional unity. These institutions share epistemological links dating from the “Museum” of Alexandria and continuing through the cabinets of curiosities gathered in early modern Europe. Over time as collections expanded, they became more specialized and their housing was separated according to the form of information and kinds of users. Furthermore, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries distinct professional societies and educational programs developed for each kind of institution.

As collecting institutions, GLAMs preserve and make accessible primary sources valuable for researchers.

Glam (song)

"Glam" is a song by American recording artist Christina Aguilera, taken from her sixth studio album Bionic (2010). The song was written by Aguilera, Claude Kelly and C. "Tricky" Stewart, with production was handled by Stewart. The song talks about getting glam and sexy before a night out. According to Aguilera and Kelly, "Glam" was a throwback to Madonna's " Vogue" (1990).

At first, the track was planned to be the lead single from Bionic, however " Not Myself Tonight" was released instead. "Glam" received mixed reviews from music critics, with some praised it as one of the best uptempo tracks on the album, while others named it dull and criticized that the song was not as good as "Vogue". Upon the release of Bionic, "Glam" peaked at number two on the South Korean International Download Chart and number 42 on the main South Korean Download Chart.

GLAM (band)

GLAM ( Hangul: ) was a four (originally five) member girl group from South Korea. The group was formed by a collaboration between Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music. The group consisted of members Park Jiyeon, Zinni, Dahee, Miso and Trinity, who left due to personal reasons in December 2012. The group's name is an acronym for Girls be Ambitious.

Usage examples of "glam".

Not the super-expensive kind the Glams wear (which tends to be made of handmade papers and be hand-painted and extravagantly adorned with the more expensive bric-a-brac), but a relatively simple affair, boasting lots of pleats & a tall ruff standing up around her face & the wildest of sleeves (features that would never work with cloth), & adorned with a few flat round mirrors about two antimeters or so in diameter, & glitter & spun sugar sculptures & who knows what else.

When they sat down to eat, all obediently be-wigged like reluctant delegates to a Glam Rock convention, they discovered placecards between the cutlery, bearing what looked worryingly like lyrics.