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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gleg \Gleg\, a. [Icel. gl["o]ggr.] Quick of perception; alert; sharp. [Scot.]


Etymology 1 n. (context now rare regional English) A look or glance. vb. (context regional English) To glance. Etymology 2

n. (alternative form of cleg English)

Usage examples of "gleg".

Teyaspa was confined in the castle of Gleg the Zaporoskan, a fierce semibandit chief who had come into the valley of the Akrim many years before and set himself up as a feudal lord over the primitive Yuetshi, preying on them but not protecting them.

Though the rear of the castle seemed invulnerable, the cautious Gleg had posted a sentry there anyway.

Several Zaporoskans fell, but so did the two Turanians who stooped to lift the plank, and across the bridge rushed Gleg, his cold gray eyes blazing under his spired helmet.

I remarked him so gallant and gay on the Sabbath at the kirk, and noted his glowing face and gleg een, I thought at times there was something no canny about him.

That henpecked monarch, instead of strangling his brother Teyaspa in the approved Turanian manner, has been prevailed upon to keep him cooped up in a castle deep in the Colchian Mountains, southeast of Vilayet, as a prisoner of the Zaporoskan brigand Gleg.