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n. The sound of underwater bubbles, or of water bubbling (often used repetitively).

Usage examples of "glub".

Suddenly he is not just sitting there going glub glub glub while examining a piece of his own feces on his own thumb, which is something we recently found our Billy doing.

Sometimes we have felt that our childless friends think badly of us for having a kid who just goes glub glub glub in the corner while looking at his feces on his thumb.

Faniglia, I, for one, do not believe that any baby wants to sit around all day going glub glub glub.

My feeling is that a baby, sitting in its diaper, looking around at the world, thinks to itself, albeit in some crude nonverbal way: What the heck is wrong with me, why am I the only one saying glub glub glub while all these other folks are talking in whole complete sentences?

He could hear the glub and glutter of the water going down the drain, and the faint swishing of a towel.