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Hans Glas GmbH is a former German automotive company, which was based in Dingolfing. Originally a maker of farm machinery, Glas evolved first into a producer of motor scooters, then automobiles. It was purchased by BMW in 1966, mainly to gain access to Glas's patents; they were the first to use a timing belt with an overhead camshaft in an automotive application. Its limited model range was shortly phased out by its new parent.

Glas (disambiguation)

Glas (Hans Glas GmbH) is a former German automotive company.

Glas may also refer to:

  • Glas (film), a 1958 Dutch documentary film
  • Glas (book), a 1974 book by Jacques Derrida
  • Glas (publisher), a Russian publishing house
  • Glas (surname)
  • Eochaid Faebar Glas, a mythical High King of Ireland
Glas (book)

Glas is a 1974 book by Jacques Derrida. It combines a reading of Hegel's philosophical works and of Jean Genet's autobiographical writing. "One of Derrida's more inscrutable books," its form and content invite a reflection on the nature of literary genre and of writing.

Glas (TV channel)

Glas is a Ukrainian satellite TV channel. Glas broadcasts humanistic, creative, educative programs, based on high ethical principles.

Glas is aimed at an audience of all ages. Most viewers are active, independent people, interested in the history of culture, world and national heritage. The channel exclusively broadcasts original programs of its own production, and stays out of politics. There is no advertisement on the channel.

Glas (publisher)

Glas is a Russian publishing house. It was established by Natasha Perova in 1991, and has been instrumental in translating the works of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, Victor Pelevin, and Vladimir Sorokin and introducing them to the West.

Glas books have twice won the Rossica Prize, and have been praised by George Steiner and Isaiah Berlin among others.

Glas (surname)

Glas is a Dutch or Low German metonymic surname meaning "glass". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arend Glas (born 1968), Dutch bobsledder
  • George Glas (1725–1765), Scottish mariner
  • Gerrit Glas (born 1954), Dutch professor
  • Uziel Gal, born as Gotthard Glas (1923-2002), German-born Israeli gun-designer
  • Imke Glas (born 1994), Dutch artistic gymnast
  • John Glas (1695–1773), Scottish clergyman
  • Jorge Glas (born 1969), Ecuadorian Vice President
  • Jürgen Glas (born 1956), German swimmer
  • Konrad Glas (born 1940), German sailor
  • Rich Glas, American basketball coach
  • Stéphane Glas (born 1973), French rugby player
  • Uschi Glas (born 1944), German film and television actress

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Usage examples of "glas".

Sie gingen erst in das Stationszimmer, einen mit Glas abgetrennten Raum im Mittelpunkt der X-förmigen Anlage.

Während sie den Alkohol in ein Glas goß, sah sie die langen Kratzer auf der Holzfläche des Arbeitstisches, die ihre Fingernägel hinterlassen hatten.