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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ We were served a lukewarm glop of tuna casserole.
▪ Harold got a clothes hanger and fished the glop out of the bowl, and Marlys mopped.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1943, imitative of the sound of something viscous and unappetizing hitting a dinner plate.


Etymology 1 vb. (context dialectal or archaic English) To stare in amazement. Etymology 2

n. Any gooey substance. vb. (context archaic English) To swallow greedily.

Usage examples of "glop".

She took the batter bowl from the stove to the sink and glopped what was left down the drain.

Belated grenades burst below: spit-white glop spewed across the alley, swirling the purple cloud of Nytinite anesthetic gas, but Mace was already well above their effect zone.

Silently, stoically, Joe thumbed up the guts, grabbing intestines and tearing them out, chucking the glop into the water.

Spam said, and picking up a barge stone, he threw it into the center of the tar pit, where it sank with a wet glop.

At breakfast Ben corrected exams while Sia sat in the kitchen's small bay window with a newspaper, eating her favorite morning glop of yogurt, honey, mangos, and dry cereal and giggling softly over the comic strips.

You didn't have some maniacal woman with a French accent glopping up your head with God knows what, spraying stuff on it, snipping and crimping and whatnot until you wanted to scream.

He could never forget the presence of the water around him: the resistance to every movement, the clammy light, the glopping of bubbles, the shadowy forms of the divers.

At McD’s, you can spend all day punching machine-portioned glops of ketchup onto burger buns.

Julian would run off to check out the flock of sheep that the Lovells still kept on the downs, and try to play with Albert, the collie, and I’d flop onto the turf and stare up at fluffy clouds like glops of whipped butter, and not think about anything.

Roy's eyes flickered to her hand, which was now dripping fat glops of barbecue sauce.

Chunks of the glop shot up the tentacles, fleshing out the hairy root infrastructure.

Bulging brown sacks stenciled with the initials of Planetary Technical Aid hung from hooks on one side of the shack, dangling right out over the sea of glop.

When these were lodged in his weapon, he fired once more from a steady standing position, and then, insanely plowing through the redolent glop, slipping and pitching forward, sideways, and back, he blasted away on the run three more times, hitting in rapid succession: the windshield of a discarded car, a leaky plastic jerry can, and the upside-down bulldozer.

The only variation in the brownish sea was that at a few locations large, lazy bubbles rose from the glop and burst with a sulfurous stink.

It oozed and glopped off its seat, thrashed its way slowly across the floor, ingested the old metal filing cabinet and then, with a great belch, excreted the appropriate drawer.