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Glay is a Japanese rock band, formed in Hakodate in 1988. Glay primarily composes songs in the rock and pop genres, but they have also arranged songs using elements from a wide variety of genres, including punk, electronic, R&B, folk, reggae, gospel, and ska. Originally a visual kei band, the group slowly shifted to less dramatic attire through the years. As of 2008, Glay had sold an estimated 51 million records; 28 million singles and 23 million albums, making them one of the top ten best-selling artists of all time in Japan.

Glay (album)

Glay is the eleventh studio album by Japanese band Glay. The album was released on October 13, 2010. It reached #1 at Oricon charts and Billboard Japan Top Albums chart and sold a total of 125,081 as of January 3, 2011. It is the first album released under the band's own label "Loversoul Music & Associates". The limited edition came with a DVD featuring a live at Niigata Lots on July 30, 2010 and the anime movie Je t'aime, which was directed by Oshii Mamoru, produced by Production I.G and featured "Satellite of Love" as the theme song.

The album is certified Gold by the RIAJ for shipment of over 100,000 copies.

Usage examples of "glay".

We went quickly through the mileposts we all knew: Ashten, Glay, Hespen, Sennt.