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Glan may refer to

  • Glan, Sarangani, municipality in Sarangani, Philippines
  • Glan (Gurk), river in Carinthia, Austria, tributary of the Gurk
  • Glan (Nahe), river in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, tributary of the Nahe
  • Glan Cattle, from the same area
  • Glan (lake), lake in Sweden near Norrköping

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  • Glane (disambiguation)
Glan (river)

The Glan is a river in Carinthia, Austria, a right tributary of the Gurk.

It rises north of the Wörthersee in the Ossiacher Tauern mountains, then running through Feldkirchen, going northeastwards passing Glanegg Castle until it reaches Sankt Veit where it bends sharply towards south. It flows through the Zollfeld Valley, the historical heart of the Carinthian duchy, and through Klagenfurt, the state capital. At Ebenthal southeast of Klagenfurt is the confluence with the Glanfurt River, the Glan bends eastwards and finally flows into the Gurk River.

It was first mentioned as Glana in a deed of donation issued by Emperor Otto II at the 983 Reichstag in Verona. The name derives from Celtic ( Noric) glanos meaning "bright, clear", cf. Glanis, Glanum, Glen and English "clean".

Glan (Nahe)

The Glan is a river in southwestern Germany, right tributary of the Nahe River. It is approximately long. It rises in the Saarland, northwest of Homburg. It flows generally north, through Rhineland-Palatinate, and empties into the Nahe in Odernheim am Glan, near Bad Sobernheim. Other towns along the Glan are Altenglan, Glan-Münchweiler, Lauterecken and Meisenheim.

Glan (lake)

Glan is a lake in Sweden, located in the province of Östergötland, more specifically within the municipalities of Finspång and Norrköping.

The lake has a depth of 22.6 m and its area is 73,2 km². Many species of fish can be found in it, for instance perch, asp, blicca bjoerkna, common bream, zander, and northern pike. A fact that distinguishes Glan is that during the summer the temperature at the bottom stays relatively high, around 14°C. The lake is the main source of water for the city of Norrköping.

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