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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a glob of ketchup
▪ Drains were overflowing, and globs of water clung to everything, but it had stopped raining.
▪ He speared the plantain to one side of the pan and ladled in four globs of batter.
▪ She crammed the meat into her mouth and a glob of blood trickled down the side of her face.
▪ The rock was coated with globs of the wretched rockweed.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

glob \glob\ n. 1. a compact mass, especially of a semiliquid or viscous substance; as, a glob of glue fell on my shoe.

Syn: ball, clod, lump, clump, chunk.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1900, perhaps suggested by blob, gob, etc.


n. 1 A round, shapeless or amorphous lump, as of a semisolid substance. 2 (context programming English) A limited pattern matching technique using wildcards, less powerful than a regular expression. 3 (context biology English) A millimeter-sized colour module found beyond the visual area V2 in the brain's parvocellular pathway. vb. 1 To stick in globs or lumps. 2 (context programming English) To carry out pattern matching using a #Noun.


n. a compact mass; "a ball of mud caught him on the shoulder" [syn: ball, clod, lump, clump, chunk]

Glob (programming)

In computer programming, in particular in a Unix-like environment, glob patterns specify sets of filenames with wildcard characters. For example, the Unix command mv *.txt textfiles/ moves (mv) all files with names ending in .txt from the current directory to the directory textfiles. Here, * is a wildcard standing for "any string of characters" and *.txt is a glob pattern. The other common wildcard is the question mark (?), which stands for one character.


Glob may refer to:

  • glob (programming), an instance of pattern matching behavior
  • Glob (TV series), an Italian comedy series
  • The Glob, a 1983 arcade game
  • Glob (comics), multiple fictional characters in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Luna-Glob, a Moon-exploration program by the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)
  • The Boston Globe, a Boston newspaper
  • Glob (visual system), millimeter areas in the extended V4 that process color
  • Peter Glob, a Danish archaeologist
  • Glob, one of the heads of the four-faced deity Grob Gob Glob Grod from Adventure Time
Glob (comics)

Glob is the name of different fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Glob (TV series)

Glob is an Italian television comedy produced by Enrico Bertolino which addresses the language of communication used by the mass media and other such topics. The show offers numerous observations on the poor communication of television journalists.

Glob (function)
Glob (Unix)
Glob (visual system)

Globs are millimeter-sized color modules found beyond the visual area V2 in the brain's color processing ventral (also known as parvocellular) pathway. They are scattered throughout the posterior inferior temporal cortex in an area called the V4 complex. They are clustered by color preference, and organized as color columns. They are the first part of the brain in which color is processed in terms of the full range of hues found in color space.

The term "glob" was proposed by Bevil R. Conway and Doris Y. Tsao on an analogy with the cytochrome-oxidase blobs of V1, an earlier stage in the hierarchical elaboration of color. This also distinguishes them from other types of modules found elsewhere in the cerebral cortex such as face patches, and inferior temporal feature columns.

Usage examples of "glob".

He dipped a french fry into a glob of ketchup with his right hand, and I clamped a cuff onto his left.

Wulfgar, extending a wand and blasting the huge barbarian square in the chest with a glob of sticky goo that knocked him back against the Cutlass and held him there.

Robillard cried, and he let fly another glob for Morik, but the agile thief was too quick and managed to dodge aside as he skittered down another alley.

Deudermont, hit Wulfgar with another glob, pasting him to the wall again.

He spooned a glob of thick stew into his mouth, half of it falling to the ground or down the front of his tunic.

Hickok said, scrunching up his nose as he picked a gooey green glob from his uniform shirt.

Swooping from the middle came a huge yellow glob only vaguely man-shaped.

Swooping from the middle came a huge yellow glob only vaguely man-shaped, with arms and head.

I looked for run-together words and extra letters, but it was all a big glob of nothing to me.

Qwilleran merely sampled the corn chowder, ate half of his portion of roast beef and broccoli parmigiana, declined a Parker House roll, and ignored a glob of mush flecked with green.

Taking pita from a basket, Schnitman dipped a piece in the hummus and snagged a thick glob of the paste.

Just then, the Community Hall doors opened, the black glob of human mass splitting like a dividing microbe.

Migraine, Busted Chandelier, The Glob, Dim Bulb, The Behinds, Plankton, Flaming Sidewalks, Nuclear Teacup!

This is going to be the best concert since The Glob filled Olympic Stadium and set off a volcano on stage!

And the first glob, you know, was itself a mutation, and against stiff statistical odds.