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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1768, imitative of the sound of swallowing a drink, etc.


n. 1 The sound made when a liquid is poured out of a jug or bottle. 2 The amount of liquid issued from a jug or bottle when the "glug" sound is heard. vb. To quickly swallow liquid.


v. make a gurgling sound as of liquid issuing from a bottle; "the wine bottles glugged"

Usage examples of "glug".

Then a sort of washed-out, whimpery glug that even Henry could tell was a defective: Gluuuuuug!

Maybe his complex thought processes had discovered something about Glug that could be turned to his advantage.

Yaninan sounded like wine pouring out of a jug too fast, glug, glug, glug.

The guy puts the beer in his mouth and bubbles glug up inside the bottle.

A good amount of solvent glug glug glugged out of the can, pouring over the tape covering His wrist and hands.

All, that is, but one, that emitted a normal glug then collapsed into a fit of prolonged gluuuuuuging.

All right then I says have it your way so crack, off the side of the washbasin and down into the plughole goes his little head just sitting there sideways looking up glug glug.

His words came in sudden soft blobs, like the abrupt glugs of pouring syrup.

Bedlam, and Boom-Boom, and Imshi, and Glug, and Firedance, and Fuzzball.

He still had the cap in his hand, and black avgas smoked where it glugged from the spout of the jerrican to go slopping toward the lip of the bank.

The existence of Pentecost, Gimperstand, Fuzzball, and Glug is an accident, the by-product of resonance locks between planetary orbits.

Glugging the rest of the champagne in her glass, she lobbed it into the trashcan and hopped off of the back of the truck.

One by one, the clusters of antifreeze jugs glugged under the surface…and stayed there, trembling in the current.

He held up the bottle in his hand, and when she shook her head, glugged from it himself.

I said, then glugged down half a mug of wine when the waiter set it in front of me.