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Usage examples of "glat".

If anyone else wants to, they have to submit an application and token bribe to Glat and then expect at least a two-month wait.

The heads-up display on the visor of his helmet gave him a sensor reading that indicated that the Glat Archive was only a few more minutes away, if he kept swimming at his current pace.

On the one hand, that meant security was fairly straightforward: anyone who wasn’t Glat or Torf wasn’t allowed in.

Since Glat was the owner, and Torf a mere programmer, Leck decided that Glat would give himself the higher number.

No order was made to Glat to retrieve it, except the one on record made by Investigator Rwogo.

After all, if Leck could penetrate the Glat Archive, getting into Krax’s home, which was secure, but no more or less so than the average Ferengi citizen’s house, would be child’s play.