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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glim \Glim\, n.

  1. Brightness; splendor. [Obs.]

  2. A light or candle. [Slang]

    Douse the glim, put out the light. [Slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

18c. slang, "a light, candle, lantern;" 19c. slang "an eye," probably a back-formation from glimmer.


n. 1 (context slang English) A light, candle, lantern. 2 (context slang English) An eye. 3 (context obsolete English) brightness; splendour


GLIM or Glim may refer to:

  • Glim, a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt
  • GLIM (software) (Generalized Linear Interactive Modelling), a statistical software program for fitting generalized linear models
  • Jonas Glim, a DC Comics character
  • Glim (or glimmer), a reflective device used for cheating in poker or other card games
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management in Chennai, India
GLIM (software)

GLIM (an acronym for Generalized Linear Interactive Modelling) is a statistical software program for fitting generalized linear models (GLMs). It was developed by the Royal Statistical Society's Working Party on Statistical Computing (later renamed the GLIM Working Party), chaired initially by John Nelder. It was first released in 1974 with the last major release, GLIM4, in 1993. GLIM was distributed by the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG).

GLIM was notable for being the first package capable of fitting a wide range of generalized linear models in a unified framework, and for encouraging an interactive, iterative approach to statistical modelling. GLIM used a command-line interface and allowed users to define their own macros. Many articles in academic journals were written about the use of GLIM. GLIM was reviewed in The American Statistician in 1994, along with other software for fitting generalized linear models.

The GLIMPSE system was later developed to provide a knowledge based front-end for GLIM.

GLIM is no longer actively developed or distributed.

Usage examples of "glim".

With any luck at all, you will never focus your glims upon Miss Ames, no matter how illustrious her fortune, or by virtue of whatever scheme your papa and her papa concocted so many years ago.

I now took my rest, when I rested, Bex told me that the glims had taken her father.

Her father again insisted he was going back into town, but Bex told him the glims were looking for him.

My glim showed me the keyhole, and I cut the lock, which was mortised into the thickness of the door, clean away, taking a square which gave ample margin beyond the edges of the lock.

Jack to Stephen some time later, when the ship could be allowed a glim behind her deadlights and the dark-lanterns were put out.

Glims in paper holders shed light on hundreds of men and doxies and quite a few children scampering about.

We start toward them, the rest of the Tels allowing Glim and me a chance to absorb the scenery.

I was seeing whether m'lead was getting hot, and I heard 'em call to douse the glim, an'—.

Even the unsettled tertiaries had lights erected along them, though the lights barely glim mered, and the land itself had long since been claimed on speculation toward the time when even those minuscule intersections would be capped and lowered.