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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1907, glahm "grab, snatch, steal," American English underworld slang, from Scottish glaum (1715), apparently from Gaelic glam "to handle awkwardly, grab voraciously, devour." Sense of "look at, watch" (1945) apparently is derived from the same source. Related: Glommed; glomming.


vb. 1 (context transitive informal English) to steal, to grab 2 (context intransitive English) to stare 3 (context intransitive informal English) to attach

  1. v. take by theft; "Someone snitched my wallet!" [syn: hook, snitch, thieve, cop, knock off]

  2. seize upon or latch onto something; "The Republicans glommed onto Whitewater"

  3. [also: glomming, glommed]


Glom may refer to:

  • Glom, a word made up by Tracy to cheat at WWF.

glom, Tracy needs to glom her bedroom

  • Glom (software), software to assist in the design of database systems
  • Great Lakes Outlaw Modifieds, a kind of modified stock car
  • Glom, a member of the Imperial Guard, a fictional army of superpowered beings in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Glom, American slang meaning to grab, snatch or steal. Alteration of English dialect from glaum, first known in 1907
  • Glom, meaning to look at or watch

Usage examples of "glom".

I glommed the names of his paternity suit complainants, called Liz Trent and had her give me DMV addresses.

I kiboshed the pursuit quicksville, glomming the tongue's Vice jacket, shooting the dope to Louella Parsons--a socially connected, prominently married carpet muncher with a yen for nightclub canaries was prime meat for the four-star _Herald_.

When the ECI modification was finished, a glom command fleck completely reprogrammed by Jack through molecular-beam epitaxy was married to the SIE's central processor.

I was a very happy camper when, about the mid-seventies, the fashion industry glommed on to the fact that men were desperate for lacy underthings.

I'd have bet my balls that after this long we'd be up to our asses in guys trying to glom on to that spike.

Once we know which files he's been in, we can trot over to the Pentagon and glom on to the access sheets for those files.

Ford is going to use his extraordinary powers to help us glom onto the big ship and make a getaway.

Gunni mythology contained numerous stories about how gods and demons and devils went around hiding their true names in rocks or trees or grains of sand on the beach so their enemies would not be able to glom onto them and gain a hold.

Named for a tribble predator the Klingons had genetically engineered way back when, a properly targeted glommer would turn the tables on the tribblecom, tracking it to wherever in the system it tried to hide, devouring it, and leaving behind clear and usable memory.

It took a few runs through a compression compiler to get the glommer to run on a memory system this old and so cramped for space, but it was working.

What she’d realized was that Sprachnee had hidden coding in the text of the tribblecom that was set to activate when someone used a glommer to delete the message.

He called Karen Hiltscher at R&I and glommed some prime information: the fry cook at Scrivner’s Drive-In sold goofballs and might be extortable.

Currently scripting RKO B westerns, under yet another monicker, the work fronted by a politically acceptable hack writer who glommed a 35 percent cut.

Glom components, nanotech equipment, gourmet honey, and the better brands of Caledonian single-malt whisky were at that time exported to the nearest human cosmop world, Okanagon, then a populous Milieu Sector Base and the home of the Twelfth Fleet.

I pulled a chair up and watched his lips: glom the inside track to Jesus, fight the Jew-Communist conspiracy to mongrelize Christian America.