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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glis \Glis\ n. The type genus of the Gliridae.

Syn: genus Glis.


Glis was an electronic music project founded in 2001 by Shaun Frandsen of Seattle, WA. The band experienced several lineup changes and guest appearances, with frontman Shaun Frandsen acting as primary producer, vocalist, songwriter, and instrumentalist. Notable guest, Jean-Luc De Meyer of Front 242, contributed vocals for two studio tracks on the album "Nemesis" in 2005. Glis began to use guitar as a production counterpoint on the album "Phoenix" in 2013.

Usage examples of "glis".

The Glis had agents — the Silkies — who acted for it in the world of tiny movements.

And along the line of communication there flowed an essence of the reaction from the Glis — an impression of unmatched power, of a being so mighty that all other individuals in the universe were less by some enormous percentage.

All these millennia, the Glis had kept its identity hidden from the space Silkies.

But presently with it there came a reluctant admission that new Silkies, born on planets, normally had less direct knowledge of the Glis than those who had made the latest trip.

But Cemp had experienced the less-than-godlike powers of the Glis, in that it had twice failed to defeat him.

Space and time have made adjustments since then, grown older therefore, the present appearance of the universe is different from that which the Glis knew at its beginnings.

The Glis responded to his manipulation of this system, as if it were simply another form of energy.

I think all Earth Silkies should be given full knowledge of the Kibmadine attack-and-defense system at once and that they should be assigned to work in teams to keep a constant watch on the Glis, permitting no one to leave the planetoid — except to surrender.

The Glis had virtually admitted that it had not anticipated that he, its most dangerous enemy, would survive.

Surely the Glis didn't expect to go on with its malignant game of collecting inhabited planets.

Then, like all living things, the Glis would immediately have the automatic impulse to give forth the information as it actually was.

Built without walls, utilising weapons built on principles Cemp had learned from the Glis, it and others like it were part of the safety measures set up in conjunction with exploring so many new and unknown planets.

And of course, after that we were in that meteorite under the control of the Glis, and our numbers were kept limited.

Now, he felt that Glis experience again in his mind — and that wasn't it.

The trap, consisting in its first phase of a Glis type molecule with the gravity power of a planet, had instantaneously oriented itself to the enemy.