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Word usage examples

The Astronautical Council had shortly before completed preparations for the reception of visitors from the planets of not too distant stars in the Ophiuchus, Cygnus, Ursa Major and Apus constellations.

Rivas and Apus had shed their roles as advocates and had joined Warin in impartial consideration.

Nine millions of dollars, in other words, that would have gone to purchase aviation fire trucks, avionic maintenance vans, hydraulic stands, tools, apUs, and the other paraphernalia of aircraft maintenance, went instead to the marines to fund a "Joint Project in Engineering Feasibility Studies for Twin Engined Observation Aircraft.

Then he gave us his Parthian shot: Et apud apollinemistum Pollionis Pollinctorem diutissime polleat.

Ipsos enim magis videntur, quos laudamus, quam illos, apud quos laudamus ornare ac tueri: sed tamen in laudenda jungenda sunt eliam haec genera virtutum.

In ecclesiam Sanctissimce Trinitatis apud Sarum uxorem duxit Annum Sophiam Moreton 20 mo die Octobris A.

Couplet, "triginta hominum spontanea morte placari manes concubinæ, ritu apud Sinas execrando, quem barbarum morem successor deinde sustulit.

Ut hactenus etiam tam apud Bajoarior um gentem, quam et Saxmum, sed et alios ejusdem linguae homines .

Ac, propter hoc injuriae genus, Lacedaemonii Lysandrum Ephorum expulerunt: Agin regem (quod nunquam antea apud eos acciderat) necaverunt: exque eo tempore tantae discordiae secutae sunt, ut et tyranni existerint, et optimates exterminarentur, et preclarissime constituta respublica dilaberetur.

Should Salensus Oll learn of it he would have me thrown to the apts before the day was done.