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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apus \A"pus\, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ?. See Apode, n.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of fresh-water phyllopod crustaceans. See Phyllopod.


n. (APU English)


Apus is a small constellation in the southern sky, first defined in the late 16th century. Its name means "no feet" in Greek, and it represents a bird-of-paradise, which was once wrongly believed to lack feet. Its genitive is "Apodis". The orange giant Alpha Apodis is the brightest star in the constellation. Two star systems have been found to have planets.

Apus (genus)

The bird genus Apus comprise some of the Old World members of the family Apodidae, commonly known as swifts.

They are among the fastest birds in the world. They resemble swallows, to which they are not related, but have shorter tails and sickle-shaped wings. Swifts spend most of their life aloft, have very short legs and use them mostly to cling to surfaces.

APUS (computer)

APUS stands for "Amiga Power Up System", and describes a computer comprising an Amiga computer with a Phase5 PowerUP PowerPC accelerator board.

Apus (disambiguation)

Apus is a constellation.

Apus or APUS may also refer to:

  • APUS Group (company), a top Android developer
  • Apus (genus), a genus of birds
  • APUS (computer), an Amiga computer brand
  • AP US or AP United States History
  • American Public University System, or its website
  • Lepidurus apus, a species of crustacean in the genus Lepidurus
Apus (Chinese astronomy)

The modern constellation Apus is not included in the Three Enclosures and Twenty-Eight Mansions system of traditional Chinese uranography because its stars are too far south for observers in China to know about them prior to the introduction of Western star charts. Based on the work of Xu Guangqi and the German Jesuit missionary Johann Adam Schall von Bell in the late Ming Dynasty, this constellation has been classified as one of the 23 Southern Asterisms (近南極星區, Jìnnánjíxīngōu) under the name Exotic Bird (異雀, Yìquè).

The name of the western constellation in modern Chinese is 天燕座 (tiān yàn zuò), meaning "the heaven swallow constellation".

Usage examples of "apus".

The Astronautical Council had shortly before completed preparations for the reception of visitors from the planets of not too distant stars in the Ophiuchus, Cygnus, Ursa Major and Apus constellations.

Rivas and Apus had shed their roles as advocates and had joined Warin in impartial consideration.

Nine millions of dollars, in other words, that would have gone to purchase aviation fire trucks, avionic maintenance vans, hydraulic stands, tools, APUs, and the other paraphernalia of aircraft maintenance, went instead to the marines to fund a "Joint Project in Engineering Feasibility Studies for Twin Engined Observation Aircraft.