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n. The capital city of Samoa

Apia (disambiguation)

Apia or APIA may refer to:

Usage examples of "apia".

Listening to him, Aganippe could hardly believe Mother Apia would saddle her with this ox-sized oaf.

Besides, having no notion where her lion had gone, it would be plain idiocy to deny an omen from Mother Apia, no matter how unpleasantly packaged.

Mother Apia sat waiting on an ivory couch trimmed with gold and iron, beside a silver table topped with a jar of wine and a bowl of sweetmeats.

But at Apia, Samoa, I managed to ship him off on a steamer to New Zealand.

Here at Apia my ankles were badly bitten by mosquitoes, and I confess to having scratched the bites--as I had a thousand times before.

They bore me to a banquet in honor of a brave lieutenant -- Carlin, of the "Vandalia" -- who stuck by his ship in the great cyclone at Apia and comported himself as an officer should.

He sailed a schooner for copra in the Tongas and went silver prospecting on big Apia in the Solomon Islands.

They had broken through allied air defenses to the west, over Western Samoa and attacked the capital of Apia, causing significant damage.