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'''Apna ''' or APNA can mean:

  • Apna, Armenia village in Aragatsotn Province of Armenia
  • APNA, Atkins Park Neighborhood Association
  • Apna (New Zealand), a New Zealand television channel and radio station
  • Apna Channel, regional television station in Pakistan
  • Apna Dal
  • Association des professionnels navigants de l'aviation, French association of professional aviation aircrew
  • APNA, American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • APNA, Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association
Apna (New Zealand)

Apna is a New Zealand radio network and television channel network targeted towards ethnic minorities. The radio network broadcasts on 990 AM in Whangarei, Auckland and Hamilton, and plays Bollywood music alongside cultural features and discussions. The television channel is available on channel 26 on Freeview HD in major centres, and features mostly Indian and Pakistani television programmes.

The Apna networks serve Indian, Fijian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Punjabi communities. The radio network is one of the only media outlets serving the Fijian population. Many of its hosts knew or worked with Radio Sargam presenter Anirudh Diwakar, who is crediting with inspiring Apna's "Fiji style" Hindi radio format. The station's internal research suggests many listeners also listen to Radio Tarana, Flava, Niu FM and Newstalk ZB.

The radio network has not participated in independent TNS New Zealand audience surveys, unlike its competitors New Zealand Media and Entertainment, MediaWorks New Zealand and Radio Tarana. However, the station has commissioned research which suggests it has between 15,000 and 80,000 listeners. The research suggests these listeners are mostly middle-aged and listen to the station during the evening.