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n. (abbreviation of approval English)

Usage examples of "appr".

He scanned rows of mathematical symbols, finding the approach amateurish, if primly accurate and sincere.

Anyway, the approaching rendezvous with Lodovic created an overwhelming need to talk to somebody.

These locales might become trouble spots when the Foundation’s expansion approached the galactic midpoint.

Office politics and worries over government appropriations kept most senior bureaucrats in a constant state of agitation.

The machine extruded a pair of tickets, assigning them to a specific elevator car, appropriate to their social class and destination.

She wore headphones, apparently listening to music as she watched their approach to Orion Station on a nearby seat monitor.

As the next stage of their adventure approached, the portly bureaucrat grew increasingly nervous.

But that was only twenty thousand years ago, a minuscule fraction of the time it would take for the scene in front of me to change appreciably.

It was they who helped adjust Earth leaders to the point of approving the decision to send out settlers.

We blasted those that approached low enough to drop their infernal poisons!

According to Hari’s own self-appraisal, he was about as valuable a bargaining chip as a crooked half credit piece.

Creative misfits of all kinds slipped into the eighty approved artistic modes, including several that were sanctioned to satirize the hidebound and shake up the stodgy.

It approached closer, hypnotizing Stettin and Wanda with its sweet power, summoning them to walk, transfixed and uncomplaining, straight into its all-absorbing heat.

Indeed, the approach apparently worked for a while, by correcting each other’s mistakes in a give-and-take of cheerful debate.

As he approached within a distance of about a meter, an image suddenly appeared to burst from these grooves, filling the air before his eyes.