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Appa (character)

'''Appa ''' is a fictional character on the Nickelodeon animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and in the film The Last Airbender. In the series, Appa is the only known living sky bison, a species of animals that can fly naturally, and is the animal guide of the protagonist, Aang. Dee Bradley Baker voices Appa, along with all the other animals, in both the TV series and the film.

APPA (Haiti)

Peasant Affair with the Haitian People (APPA) is a Haitian democratic political party founded in September 1999. APPA stands for freedom, development of the country and participation of everyone in the democratic process. The secretary general Lucien Petit, a political scientist, believes that the country will only head toward a positive direction if the people unite together.

Appa (band)

is a Japanese rock band formed in 2004 by Keitaro Izawa, Kazuto Satō, and Hideaki Hotta. Since Izawa is well grounded in jazz and classical music, Appa's musical features are influenced by them. The biggest feature of the playing style of Appa is Izawa's piano playing. Izawa, who is the leader of Appa, is one of the members of Tokyo Jihen (from 2005).


Appa (or APPA) may refer to:

  • Appa (band), a Japanese rock band formed in 2004
  • Appa (character), a creature from the television program Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Appa (judge royal), Hungarian noble from the 12th century
  • Appa (rapper), Moroccan-Dutch rapper
  • Appa (film), a 2016 Tamil language film
  • Appa, name of two trading posts of the Dutch West India Company in Benin, see Dutch Slave Coast
  • APPA (Haiti), the Haitian political party Peasant Affair with the Haitian People
  • American Psychopathological Association, a scientific professional organization
  • American Public Power Association, an energy trade organization
Appa (rapper)

Rachid El Ghazoui (born 27 January 1983), also known by his stage name Appa, is a Dutch rapper, whose roots lie in the mountainous regions of North-Morocco.

In 2002, he joined rap formation Tuindorp Hustler Click (THC), but decided to go solo. He is known for the political content of his lyrics and criticism of nationalist MP Geert Wilders. He also strongly identifies with the social problems of Moroccan youths. In November 2007, his first album called Straatfilosoof (Street Philosopher) appeared. In an interview he calls the album "autobiographical" and a "user guide for the people who don't understand us (Moroccan youths)".

Recently El Ghazaoui attracted attention by denying the holocaust, by citing alleged quotes of the Talmud in order to raise hatred against Jews and by claiming that two mafia killers who, after murdering two fellow mafiosi, fired their kalashnikovs at the Dutch police, only received a life sentence because they are of Moroccan origin.

Appa (judge royal)

Appa was a nobleman in the Kingdom of Hungary, who, according to a non-authentic charter, served as Judge royal in 1158, during the reign of Géza II of Hungary. The charter also refers to a certain Emeric, who bore the title of "curialis comes minor", which is a possible first mention of the office of vice-judge royal.

Appa (film)

Appa is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language independent drama film written, produced and directed by Samuthirakani. A spiritual sequel to Saattai (2012), the film features Samuthirakani himself in the lead role, with Thambi Ramaiah in a supporting role. Featuring music composed by Ilaiyaraaja, the film began production in late 2015 and released in July 2016. The film released on July 1, 2016 to mixed reviews.