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n. (surname)

Apps (surname)

Apps is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Apps family, a Canadian dynasty of ice hockey players:
    • Syl Apps (1915-1988), also a pole vaulter
    • Syl Apps, Jr (born 1947), son of Syl Apps
    • Syl Apps III (born 1976), son of Syl Apps, Jr.
    • Gillian Apps (born 1983), daughter of Syl Apps, Jr.
  • Alfred Apps, Canadian lawyer
  • Deon Apps (born 1987), Australian rugby league player
  • Geoff Apps (born 1949), English mountain bike pioneer
  • Roy Apps (born 1951), British screenwriter, dramatist and children’s author

Usage examples of "apps".

His success was due solely to his own natural vigor and energy and the smartness of Marsh Folsom, who could read and write and because of this could go some way to deciphering some of the meager clues they had found in the original Apps caverns and other Stockpiles.

It puts the same apps next to each other, no matter the order in which they were opened.

If you plan to keep more users logged in or to run more apps, extra RAM may keep your foreground user accounts running faster.

He and Marsh Folsom had discovered it while escaping from a bunch of cannies in the Apps, or the Applayshuns as some old folks insisted on calling them.

Stokely Darkstar calls them maggoteaters and subservant slopes keep going in and out of the curtain while Wos' back there a longer than avrege time and Cs' got the Shivers and starting to jones and dope-fiends are full of super station and he says to yrstruly he says the fuck he says maybe what if Poor Tony realy did take part with burning Wo and what if a slope sees Poor Tony out side and is one of these slopes going in and out of the curtain maybe telling Wo, like ratting out Poor Tony as our aquaintance, and my muds is starting and were' jonesing super statiously over PT and wheres' Wo behind the curtain and everything like that, tryng to smile and conversession ultralow, drinking quot tea thats' like schnapps only wurse and green.

And as InterLace's eventual outright purchase of the Networks' production talent and facilities, of two major home-computer conglomerates, of the cutting-edge Froxx 2100 CD-ROM licenses of Aapps Inc.

I don't seem to be able to open any documents or apps within these folders, much less re-code anything, as The Eon apparently doesn't have the required helper apps, conversion filters, or even root-level permission built-in to his powers, not to mention knowledge of alien programming languages (too bad I'm not fighting those PowerBook-friendly invaders in the movie "Independence Day").

Buried in a massive military installation, like a redoubt, there'd been enough to keep the pair of powerful war wags, which he'd discovered in the Apps a quarter century earlier, on the road for many years.

One in the Apps had contained several mothballed war wags on which the Trader had based his whole operation.