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APTA or Apta can refer to:

  • 9393 Apta, a main-belt asteroid discovered on August 10, 1994
  • Apta, the name of Opatów, Poland, in Yiddish
  • Apta (Hasidic dynasty), originated in Opatów
Apta (Hasidic dynasty)

Apt is a Hasidic dynasty within Haredi Judaism. Its founder, Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apt, popularly known as the Apter Rebbe or Apter Rov, was born in Zhmigrid, Poland in 1748 and died in Mezhbizh, Ukraine, Russian Empire in 1825.

Usage examples of "apta".

The Captain had not drawn her on the subject of the nightmares, and at the time Volyova had been glad of that, for she was not entirely comfortable with discussing them herself, much less analysing their content.

What the Captain had undergone -- what the Captain was still in the process of undergoing -- would make most people's nightmares seem very tame phantasms indeed.

It was passing through the second set of cryogenic storage decks, two hundred and fifty levels capable of holding one hundred and twenty thousand, though of course there was currently only one sleeper, if one was so generously inclined as to describe the Captain's state as sleep.

But she knew the Captain's surroundings well enough not to take excessive precautions.

Not that there was any pressing hurry: the reefer kept Brannigan at only a few hundred millikelvin above absolute zero, and that cold did appear to offer some hindrance to the spread: On the negative side, Volyova knew that no human being had ever survived revival from such a cold, but that seemed oddly irrelevant against the Captain's condition.

Sajaki had always been the Captain's closest adjutant -- the two of them went back a long way.

To the best of her knowledge, no one else -- including Sajaki -- ever spoke to the Captain, or even knew that there was a way to do so.

But there was no point taking stupid risks -- even given the Captain's erratic memory.

She had told the Captain about the problems she had encountered in linking Nagorny into the gunnery systems via the implants she had put in his head.

The Captain's recommendation -- that she hunt down and kill the man -- had tallied with her own instincts.

Volyova knew that Sajaki had visited the Pattern Jugglers on the aquatic world Wintersea, accompanying Captain Brannigan, back when Captain Brannigan was capable of leaving the ship.

The Captain's outskirts looked frothy, like the brine left on a rockpool by the retreating tide.

Partly this was due to Sajaki's lack of fortune in locating Sylveste in the Yellowstone system, condemning the Captain to another half-decade of torment at the very least -- or longer, if Sylveste could not be found on Resurgam either, which struck Volyova as an at least theoretical possibility.

What made matters difficult was that the Captain kept asking her how the search for Sylveste was going, and she kept having to break the news to him that it was not going as auspiciously as one might wish.

The Captain would become sullen at that point -- she could hardly blame him for that -- and the tone of the conversation would darken, often to the point where the Captain became completely incommunicative.