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APSA may refer to :

  • APSA Colombia, an airline based in Bogotá, Colombia
  • APSA - Líneas Aéreas Peruanas S.A., the national airline of Peru from 1956 to 1971, forerunner to the latter Aeroperú flag carrier
  • Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, an institution of the Holy See which serves as the central bank and treasury of Vatican City and the Holy See
  • African Peace and Security Architecture, a peace and security policy framework of the African Union
  • London All Peoples' Sports Association football club, a non-League football team who play in the Essex Senior Football League
  • Alto Palermo S.A., an Argentine real estate company
  • American Physician Scientists Association, a national organization dedicated to addressing the needs of future physician scientists with respect to their training and career development
  • American Political Science Association, a professional association of political science students and scholars in the United States
  • Asia Pacific Screen Awards, an international cultural initiative of the State Government of Queensland, Australia
  • American Pediatric Surgical Association, an American professional association dedicated to pediatric surgery