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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Cameron Diaz plays the beauty who forms the apex of the triangle.
▪ The middle manager may at one time be at the apex, at another in the middle.
▪ There are two styles to choose from: the traditional apex, shown here, and the flat pergola top.
▪ There, under the apex of the roof, was a small window, open a few precious inches.
▪ Within minutes of strapping myself in, I was chipping each apex and powering through like a seasoned track star.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apex \A"pex\, n.; pl. E. Apexes; L. Apices. [L.]

  1. The tip, top, point, or angular summit of anything; as, the apex of a mountain, spire, or cone; the apex, or tip, of a leaf.

  2. (Mining) The end or edge of a vein nearest the surface.

    Apex of the earth's motion (Astron.), that point of the heavens toward which the earth is moving in its orbit.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from Latin apex "summit, peak, tip, top, extreme end;" probably related to apere "to fasten, fix," hence "the tip of anything" (one of the meanings in Latin was "small rod at the top of the flamen's cap"), from PIE *ap- "to take, reach." Proper plural is apices.


alt. (label en British trade union) Association of Professional, Executive, Clerical and Computer Staff. n. (label en aviation) advance purchase excursion (air fare). n. (label en British trade union) Association of Professional, Executive, Clerical and Computer Staff.

  1. n. the highest point (of something); "at the peak of the pyramid" [syn: vertex, peak, acme]

  2. the point on the celestial sphere toward which the sun and solar system appear to be moving relative to the fixed stars [syn: solar apex, apex of the sun's way] [ant: antapex]

  3. [also: apices (pl)]

Apex, NC -- U.S. town in North Carolina
Population (2000): 20212
Housing Units (2000): 8028
Land area (2000): 10.536900 sq. miles (27.290445 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.059767 sq. miles (0.154797 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 10.596667 sq. miles (27.445242 sq. km)
FIPS code: 01520
Located within: North Carolina (NC), FIPS 37
Location: 35.731952 N, 78.852878 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 27502
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Apex, NC

Apex may refer to:

Apex (mollusc)

In anatomy, an apex ( adjectival form: apical) is part of the shell of a mollusk. The apex is the pointed tip (the oldest part) of the shell of a gastropod, scaphopod, or cephalopod.

Apex (headdress)

The apex was a cap worn by the flamines and Salii at Rome. The essential part of the apex, to which alone the name properly belonged, was a pointed piece of olive-wood, the base of which was surrounded with a lock of wool. This was worn on the top of the head, and was held there either by fillets only, or, as was more commonly the case, was also fastened by means of two strings or bands, which were called apicula ( Festus, s.v.), or offendices (Festus, s.v.), though the latter word is also interpreted to mean a kind of button, by which the strings were fastened under the chin (cf. Serv. ad Virg. Aen. ii.683, viii.664, x.270).

The flamines were forbidden by law to go into public, or even into the open air without the apex ( Gellius x.15), and hence we find the expression of alicui apicem dialem imponere used as equivalent to the appointment of a Flamen Dialis ( Livy vi.41). Sulpicius was deprived of the priesthood, only because the apex fell from his head whilst he was sacrificing ( Valerius Maximus i.1 §5).

Dionysius of Halicarnassus (ii.70) describes the cap as being of a conical form. On ancient monuments we see it round as well as conical.

The Albogalerus, or albus galerus was a white cap worn by the flamen dialis, made of the skin of a white victim sacrificed to Jupiter, and had the apex fastened to it by means of an olive-twig (Festus, s.v. albogalerus; Gell. x.15).

From apex was formed the epithet apicatus, applied to the flamen dialis by Ovid (Fast. iii.197).

Apex (geometry)

In geometry, an apex ( Latin for 'summit, peak, tip, top, extreme end') is the vertex which is in some sense the "highest" of the figure to which it belongs. The term is typically used to refer to the vertex opposite from some " base."

Apex (altitude physiology expeditions)

Apex (altitude physiology expeditions) is a high altitude medical research charity. It is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and was founded in 2000. It has conducted four high altitude research expeditions to the Chacaltaya high altitude laboratory, in Bolivia.

Apex administers the International HAPE database, a research registry for individuals who are susceptible to high altitude pulmonary edema ( HAPE) or high altitude cerebral edema ( HACE).

Apex (typography)

In typography, an apex is an upward pointing shape found in certain letters. For example, the pointed top of the capital letter A, as well as the top point of the lower case letter t. Also the middle upward point of the letter w. The term is sometimes applied to upward pointing spaces within certain letters, like that underneath the lower part of the letter x. The opposite of an apex is a vertex, which points down.

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Apex (producer)

William Stanberry, better known as Apex is an American record producer and DJ. He is the founder of the label Apex Productionz. He is best known for producing 50 Cent's hit " I Get Money".

APEX (video game)

Apex (known as Racing Evoluzione in PAL territories) is an arcade-style racing video game that was released on the Xbox in 2003. It was created by Italian studio Milestone and was exclusively released in early 2003 on the Xbox. The game contains a main game mode called Dream. This mode allows you to manage a car dealership, to create your own cars and of course participate in races with your creations. The game is playable with two players, but is not compatible with Xbox Live.

Apex (radio band)

Apex was an experimental radio broadcasting system introduced in the United States in 1934 that used high frequencies between roughly 25 and 42 MHz and wideband AM modulation (as opposed to traditional AM broadcasting's narrowband modulation) to achieve high fidelity sound with less static and distortion than medium wave AM stations in the so-called standard broadcast band (then, 545-1505 kHz) experience. They were called "apex", "skyscraper" or "pinnacle" stations because of the height of the broadcast antennas used.

The Federal Communications Commission thought initially that very high frequency ( VHF) radio waves would have a small, discrete range, and would allow two or more stations to broadcast on duplicate frequencies without interfering with each other. But later it was realized that during peaks in the 11-year sunspot cycle even VHF radio waves could reflect from the ionosphere, and Apex station signals could sometimes be heard on the other side of the planet. In October 1937, the FCC made public its allocation plan for VHF radio broadcasting: 75 channels with 40 kHz separation on 41.02 to 43.98 MHz for Apex stations and 16 channels in 30-40 MHz for relay stations. Twenty-five of the 75 channels were reallocated for educational use in 1938.

Until the late 1930s, commercially made radio receivers did not operate within that band of frequencies, so early listeners to Apex stations used self-built receivers, or built converters for existing models.

Most Apex stations operated under experimental licenses, and were affiliated with and subsidized by commercially licensed stations. In 1934, Buffalo, New York's W8XH, WBEN's ultra short wave station, became the first 5-meter station to air a regular schedule. It is a direct predecessor of current Buffalo FM adult contemporary station WTSS. In 1936, Milwaukee's W9XAZ (a service of The Milwaukee Journal's WTMJ (AM), which eventually became current day FM station WKTI-FM at 94.5) became the first Apex station to originate its own programming on a regular basis. By 1939, Apex stations were operating in 34 cities in 22 states. Apex radio broadcasting's goal of high fidelity sound was later realized by frequency modulation (FM), which operated at 42–50 MHz (later 88–106 MHz, 88–108 MHz later still, and currently 87.8–108 MHz), immediately above the Apex band of frequencies. The FCC in 1939 began encouraging Apex stations broadcasting in AM to consider the change to the technically superior FM system.

The former Apex band is, as of 2012, allocated to land mobile communications.

Apex (diacritic)

In written Latin, the apex (plural "apices") is a mark roughly with the shape of an acute accent which is placed over vowels to indicate that they are long.

The shape and length of the apex can vary, sometimes within a single inscription. While virtually all apices consist of a line sloping up to the right, the line can be more or less curved, and varies in length from less than half the height of a letter to more than the height of a letter. Sometimes, it is adorned at the top with a distinct hook, protruding to the left. Rather than being centered over the vowel it modifies, the apex is often considerably displaced to the right.

The apex later developed into the acute accent, which is still used to mark vowel length in some languages, namely, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Irish, and historically Icelandic. In the 17th century, it was adapted to mark final nasalization in the early Vietnamese alphabet.

Apex (comics)

Apex (Katy Bashir) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Apex (tournament)

Apex is an annual esports tournament held in New Jersey that focused on fighting games, specifically Super Smash Bros. The event's first incarnation was in 2009 with Jesus "Jman" Fernandez as the champion of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Elliot "Ally" Carroza-Oyarce as champion of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Each year the event grew with more competitors entering. Apex 2014 garnered 629 entrants and was the 2nd largest tournament for Melee at the time after EVO 2013. Though the tournament initially focused on Brawl, the feature game has since switched to Melee due to its popularity. In 2010, an event for Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 was added. In 2014, the fan modification of Brawl, Project M was added for singles only. Project M has recently been removed as an official event out copyright concerns under Nintendo of America sponsorship and Third Party relations.

Apex 2015 is officially sponsored by Nintendo of America and was the largest tournament for Super Smash Bros. in history until it was surpassed by EVO 2015. Apex has been nicknamed the " Super Bowl of 'Super Smash Bros.'" by Ben Lindbergh of Grantland. As of 2016, Apex is no longer considered a major tournament.

Apex (gang)

Apex is a street gang in Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2012, it was named after Apex street in Dandenong where the founding members resided. The founding members were part of Victoria's South Sudanese community, although the gang later became more diverse, particularly after it merged with the YCW gang. Associated with violent car-jackings and burglaries, Apex came to prominence in the national media after a brawl in Melbourne's Central Business District between it and the rival Islander 23 gang in March 2016 after the Moomba parade. This prompted a crackdown by Victoria Police They apparently have little structure and no official colours.

Usage examples of "apex".

In its struggles to see in through the open door, the crowd formed itself into a straggling wedge, with the more adventurous apex nearest the inn.

Behind the apex, which has a number of initial cells, a series of amphigastria or ventral scales is formed.

The apex is sometimes bifid or even trifid, owing to a slight separation between the terminal pointed cells.

A number of Plebos were clustered around its base and Favril and Bolar were among them, but it was up the lacy spire that my eyes lifted--to where its apex, level with the rim of the bowl, was surmounted by a wide platform that held a knot of Plebos and Daster and several machines whose nature I could not make out.

She poured black-powder into six funnels made of paper, each of which had a fuse of twine sticking out of its apex, and stuck them in cracks just below the Bookmark layer.

Whilst describing such figures, the apex often travels in a zigzag line, or makes small subordinate loops or triangles.

The objects, which by now Ishmael had assumed were pilots ejecting from a fighter, started to fall at their apex.

The cars and buses trapped on the span were still immobile, Electro still paced the East Tower in a ball of light and the young blonde woman in the miniskirt still plummeted from the West Tower, again and again, each time almost hitting the water before flickering, disappearing, and reappearing at the apex of her plunge.

Their glands are much elongated, and lie embedded on the upper surface of the pedicel, instead of standing at the apex.

Ireland, are much elongated, and gradually widen from the footstalk to the bluntly pointed apex.

The crystal hung from a silver chain fastened to a ring screwed into its apex.

There was a window at each side, and the roof sloped up steeply above the actual shop, and under the apex, set partly in plaster, was a wheel, the hub cracked, the felloes springing out here and there from the rim.

The lift is, we at Apex Images want to have rights to lots of floaty philtres that we can license and put out there in all kinds of ways.

Persimmon Sea flew the Suaniset utility vehicle, an ungainly Apex A-15, lacking all style or flair and Schaine suspected that Gerd Jemasze intended nothing less than a demonstration of contempt for the fads of Olanje.

But this action must be aided by the circumnutating movement, for fine sand, kept moist, was pressed close round the apex of a gynophore which had reached the ground, and after a few hours it was surrounded by a narrow open crack.