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init. (context transport English) Advanced Public Transportation Systems

Usage examples of "apts".

Should Salensus Oll learn of it he would have me thrown to the apts before the day was done.

At the low end of this parallel system were the apts, the students of the art, who studied under and worked for journeymen magicians, usually referred to as sores, which was short for sorcerers.

We're not so sure of the apts, and any of them have more power than you can imagine.

Many were former apts themselves who had literally done it to themselves, either for psychological reasons or because something got away from them, or they had displeased Kokul or others of great power and training.

I saw more of them on Company lands, since people there were more at the mercy of Company officials and the local sore and apts.

His apts occasionally got playful in the wrong places though, and I'd have to send him a note or drop in if he was there and get him to control them.

I wondered what he did with the talented girl apts, then reflected that somebody who could turn a young woman into a hybrid creature could easily disguise the sex of an apt if she were really promising.

These were apts then, very minor apts, but apts nonetheless, and that meant humans.

He'd been more or less stealing lessons, hiding himself and listening in while his local sore instructed his apts.

TuUy warned us, though, that there was only a small chance of us growing beyond very powerful apts, since the younger you were the easier the Art was to learn.

That, in fact, was why the most poweful users were either former prisoners from the Confederacy or natives trained as apts when they were very, very young.

I could cast a spell, even produce a changeling, do just about everything Korman and his apts had demonstrated plus a lot more, but it might be years of experimentation and practice before I had it all mastered.

From where we stood we saw that the fighting among the apts was growing less, and that many that had been feeding had ceased and lain down to sleep.

In fact, it would not have occurred at all, if the making of mirrors were not sufficiently arduous to require Apts.

The one advantage of being older than all the other Apts is that I already know everything they're being taught.