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Usage examples of "apso".

She chuckled heartily and Donny pranced up and down, yapping his little white and black LhApso Apso head off, demanding her attention.

Lbasa apso or a shib tzu-some animal that had at least the vestigial charm of a cat.

There were small dogs like sharp-faced corgis and brown-and-black silky terriers and a Lhasa apso with long golden hair.

Nobody died, mind you, not even a salivating Lhasa apso or a parakeet.

Her dog, a brindle-colored Lhasa apso, began a frantic search for something, flinging sand in all directions.

A sixfoot black girl with red hot pants and platform sandals went by with a Lhasa apso on a short leash.

Nancy lives in New York and is owned by three cats and a Lhasa Apso with a bad attitude.

The conflict lasted only a few days, and I was soon able to take my Apso dog to Sera again for a peaceful stroll.

You can compare me to a Lhasa Apso any old day, but a Chihuahua looks so sort of naked, you know?

Cats were the most popular, since they adapted easily to the mile-high million-windowed hovels that formed the supercities, but a few breeds of dogs—Keeshonds, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, and a handful of others still existed in some quantity.