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Alan Culpepper , who wrote, "Surely, if John had been Jesus ' first cousin, this relationship would have been recognized more prominently in the early Christian traditions about the apostle.

I can't wait to be with all my sibĀ­lings in Christ and to sit around the table with Moses , Paul , and the apostle John .

Keep in mind that John was probably the youngest of the apostles and younger brother to one.

Over the course of years and countless replays of the scene in the mind of the apostle John , he knew the devil entered into Judas at that table right before their very eyes.

Most of us have studied the cross of Christ many times, but let's attempt to capture it from the exact angle where the apostle John 's sandals flattened the dirt.

Right at the foot of the cross we're about to discover the very quality that set the apostle John apart from all the rest.

I am a huge fan of the apostle Peter and can relate to him far more readily than John, but the inspired words the Holy Spirit later entrusted to the Son of Thunder suggest a profound uniqueness.

Keep in mind, Jesus had more on His agenda than appearing only to the apostles.

No one had more spiritual tenacity than the apostle Paul , and he made no bones about what kept him on the path amidst unparalleled pain and persecution.

The following is my paraphrase: They were devoted to both the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship of fellow believers.

Yes, John and Peter trekked to Samaria , but the ministries of the apostles remained intact in Jerusalem for this period of time.

Remember, John was the apostle who'd had connections when Jesus was arrested and was able to get into the priest's courtyard.

I think the young apostle came to the startling reality that when all comes down, we are each on our own before God.

Actually, Paul 's testimony will offer us several important insights into the apostle John and also will supply us with a very valuable time line.

The rest of the apostles may have heard Barnabas 's apologetic for Paul , but the only one who really got to know the new convert was Peter .