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Usage examples of "api-".

But her parents were not rich, and they could not give her to Api-k[)u]nni, and when the chief wanted her for a wife, they gave her to him.

Sometimes Api-k[)u]nni and this girl used to meet and talk together, and he used to caution her, saying, “Now be careful that you do not tell any one that you see me.

Now, while she had been gone, Api-k[)u]nni had been thinking over all these things, and he was very much ashamed.

In this camp a man was making a speech, and Api-k[)u]nni said to his friend, “Oh, my brother, I am going to kill that man to-day, so that my sweetheart may count coup on him.

When Api-kunni had said this to Wolf Tail, he took his clothes off and began to sing the song the beaver had taught him.

When Api-k[)u]nni got near him, he dived under the water and came up close to the man, and thrust the beaver stick through his body, and the man fell down in the water and died.