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Usage examples of "appl".

Linguistic software had analysed the dozen or so Stoner dialects carried by the expedition members, applying complex lexicostatistic models to merge these modes of speech into a new, planetwide dialect for Resurgam as a whole.

 It  is  one  thing  doing  up  an  application  and  seeing  it  go onto  an  endless  tape  and  be  fed  into  the  maw  of  a  machine  and then  to  receive,  in  a  matter  of  moments,  a  neatly  printed  rejection.

Nine    out    of    ten    men    of    his    age   annually        made   the    same application.

 This  Ronny Bronston had realized before he’d ever applied for an interplanetary appointment.

The  authorities,  if  you  can  use  the  term  applied  to  Kropotkin,  are already  complaining,  threatening  to  invoke  Article  One  of  the Charter,  or  to  resign  from  UP.

   He    had    Ruth    Antrim,    the    mother,    kicked    off    the planet—for her  own    protection,                    since         they’ve        got     vendetta traditions  on  Palermo  that  evidently  apply  even  to  women—but took over the care of the boy himself.

The tattoos which he had applied during his infiltration of the Bloater Skyjacks were gone now, but there were fine whitish trails where they had been, despite the patient ministrations which had been visited upon him in reefersleep.

The other crews are getting so many applicants they're only interviewing via sim.

It was as if the tunnel system was the work of a demented maggot which preferred the part of the apple immediately under the skin.

For centuries, the commonest forms of implant had either been grown in situ or were designed to self-insert painlessly via existing orifices, but such procedures could not be applied to the unique and delicate gunnery interface implants.

Well, it's never happened -- even if it did, the room has various magnetic and hull-piercing grapples it can deploy.

The audience, many of whom had not seen the birds before today, applauded.

There were no losers: Pascale could hardly fail, though in fairness she applied herself to the task excellently.

Ordinarily, so Volyova had said, the room would have fired its grapples at that point, to re-establish contact with the ship.

The spider-room's thrusters were firing in concert now, resisting the thrust that the larger but clumsier weapon was applying.