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You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word planar

abaganar abanar achernar acinar aginar agnar agrinar aikanar aiyanar akkaynar al-manar alcanar alfanar alibunar alienar almenar amanar anar anirnar annar anti-peri-planar antiperiplanar antiphonar antisonar antithenar apolinar arkanar arna-bjoernar arnar arvandkenar ayyanar aznar bahnar bahonar balignar bamchenar banar bannar bautastenar bednar besqaynar bhinar bilaminar biosonar biplanar bjoernar bodnar bognar bonar bonnar boudinar bunar calycinar canar casamunar cassumunar caulinar cefnpennar centenar centroacinar chamnar chanar channar charminar chemmannar chenar chinar chivinar chunar circumcolumnar circumlunar cis-lunar cislunar colleginar colmenar columnar complanar coplanar cordinar cordonar cornar cortinar cotyledonar cougnar cwmpennar cynar dehnar denar dennar deonar dinar diplanar donar dorso-ulnar dorsoulnar dortcinar dragonar drottnar e-seminar echoplanar eggjarnar einar ejnar eleemosynar exoplanar extraplanar eynar fanar farinar fereydunkenar fnar fontanar funar ghinar girnar gjinar glenar gnar godannar golunar granar guadalcanar gulnar gunnar habenar halfplanar hellnar hellurnar helrunar hepnar hernar hontanar hymnar hyperplanar hypothenar inar innar interacinar intercolumnar interlaminar interlunar interplanar intracolumnar intralaminar iraqidinar jannar julnar junnar kachkanar kacinar kaduthuruthy-mannar kainar kalkenar kalyanasundaranar kamenar kanfanar karapinar kaynar kazkonar keznar khanar kinar knar kodinar kokkaynar kommunar konar kunar laanar lachenar lacunar lagunar laminar lanar lashkenar leguminar lenar leynar limonar lonar luginar luminar lunar lupanar magnar mahnar mainar malnar manar mangnar mannar manzanar marinar marynar melechinnar menar meshkenar milionar millenar millionar minar minnonar mlinar mlynar moghnar molendinar molinar molnar monar multiacinar multicolumnar multilacunar multiplanar munnar mylnar nagabonar nainar nandanar nanocolumnar nar nasanar nayanar nonar noncolumnar noncoplanar nonlaminar nonlunar nonplanar novilunar novinar novynar onar opisthenar ordinar oshnar outerplanar pachenar pakkanar pamenar panar parachinar parochianar partenar partinar passionar pavenar pawtenar pennar perfsonar periacinar periplanar personar perunchithiranar perunthevanar phanar pinar platanar plenar plenilunar pnar poinar pollinar polygonar postulnar poyanar presemilunar presonar prevenar pronar proseminar pulmonar pulvinar pyonar qaracinar qeynar qinar quasiplanar radioulnar raganar ragenar ragnar reginar reim-kennar rofin-sinar rubinar salinar sanar sannar sarchenar satisfactionar scapholunar semicolumnar semilunar seminalseminar seminar sennar sentenar septenar shagonar shinar shirinkenar sinar sinnar sklenar skytturnar smalandsstenar snapphanar snar sol-lunar soli-lunar solilunar solunar sonar spinar squamocolumnar stationar steinar stenar subcolumnar sublunar sunar sundaresanar sunnar supercolumnar superlunar superspinar supracolumnar supralunar synar synperiplanar szklenar tabronar talaimannar talbanar talnar tamanar tamnar teleseminar telnar tenar ternar thenar thronar thule-seminar thunar tifinar tolenar tollenar tonar trainingseminar translunar tricolumnar trilacunar trilaminar triluminar tsovinar tunar tymburnar ulfheonar ulnar unar unilacunar uniplanar vadinar vallenar vanar vannar vaticinar vellakinar vellakkinar ventricolumnar vernar vinar vintenar viznar warinar webinar wojnar xolnar zarganar zinnar zonar zonnar zunar zunnar